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GRASLITZ, or Grasslitz (Bohemian Kraslice), a town in the north-west of Bohemia, near the Saxon frontier, in the circle of Elbogen, 88 miles N.W. of Prague, 50 21 N. lat,, 12 27 E. long., is advantageously situated in a valley between high hills, at the confluence of the Silberbach and Zwoda. It is the headquarters of a military district, the seat of a court of justice, and has a custom-house, a handsome church built in 1618 and dedicated to Corpus Christi, and several manufactories of cotton and woollen stuffs, and of musical and mathematical instruments, look ing-glasses, brass, copper, and wire goods, and paper. Graslitz is one of the most important industrial towns in Bohemia, and the centre of the lace-weaving districts of the Erzgebirge, In 1869 the population, inclusive of the small suburb of Glasberg, amounted to 6549.