English Hours (Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1905)

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English Hours (Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1905)
by Henry James

Large Paper Edition

English Hours


Henry James

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English Hours

By Henry James
With Illustrations by
Joseph Pennell

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Printed at The Riverside Press





Published October 1905

Four Hundred Copies Printed
Number ............

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THE papers gathered into this series, originally published in various periodicals, have already been reprinted—the earliest in date more than thirty years ago; the others, with the exception of two, more recently, in a volume entitled "Portraits of Places." They have been here once more placed together, for the great advantage they will be felt to derive from the company and support of Mr. Pennell's illustrations. Each article is marked with its date, and it is obvious that the impressions and observations they for the most part embody had sprung from an early stage of acquaintance with their general subject-matter. They represent a good many wonderments and judgments and emotions, whether felicities or mistakes, the fine freshness of which the author has—to his misfortune, no doubt—sufficiently outlived. But they may perhaps on that very account present something of a curious interest. I may add that I have again attentively looked them over, with a view to any possible amendment of their form or enhancement of their meaning, and that I have nowhere scrupled to rewrite a sentence or a passage on judging it susceptible of a better turn.

1905.H. J.


THE chapters on "London" and "Browning in Westminster Abbey" are included in this volume by the courteous permission of Messrs. Harper & Brothers, publishers of the volume of Mr. James's "Portraits of Places" in which they originally appeared.

Acknowledgment is also due to Messrs. Charles Scribner's Sons for permission to reprint the chapter on "Winchelsea, Rye, and 'Denis Duval,'" which first appeared in "Scribner's Magazine."

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A Tower on the Walls, Chester Half-title
Magdalen Tower, Oxford (see p. 189) Frontispiece
The Gate-House, Cambridge Title
The Senate House, Oxford v
Peterhouse Quad, Cambridge vii
The Medway and Rochester Keep ix
Richmond, from the Thames 1
St. Paul's, from Ludgate Hill 6
Entrance to St. James's Park, Duke of York's Column 16
In the Green Park 22
St. Paul's, from the Water 40
The Terrace, Richmond 42
North Door of the Abbey 51
The Abbey, from Victoria Street 54
Eaton Hall 61
Chester High Street 64
The Rows, Chester 68
Chester Cathedral, West Front 72
Shrewsbury 76
Haddon Hall 77
Lichfield Cathedral 80
The Three Spires of Lichfield 82
Warwick Castle 88
Haddon Hall, from the Road 91
Lynmouth 93
A Devonshire Lane 94
The Norman Towers of Exeter 98
Porlock Church, Exmoor 105
The West Front, Wells 107
The Market-Place, Wells 112
Salisbury Cathedral 116
Stonehenge 118
Glastonbury 120
The Abbey and Victoria Tower, from St. James' Park 121
Dark Mysterious London, Near Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster 126
In St. James's Park 130
Baker Street 134
Canterbury, from the Meadows 140
Rochester Castle 144
The Cathedral Close, Canterbury 148
The Nave, Canterbury 150
The Great Tower, Canterbury 152
Greenwich Observatory 153
Piccadilly, near Devonshire House 156
The Ship, Greenwich 162
Kensington Gardens 166
Greenwich Park 173
Epsom Heath, Derby Day 175
The Start for the Derby 180
The Finish of the Derby 184
On the Downs, Derby Day 196
Kenilworth 197
Stratford-on-Avon Church 208
Charlcote Park 214
The Hospital, Warwick 223
Ludlow Castle 225
Ludlow Castle, from the Moat 234
Stokesay Castle 240
Ludlow Tower 243
Portsmouth Harbor, and "The Victory" 245
Shanklin 254
Chichester Cross 260
Abbey Gateway, Bury St. Edmunds 264
Trinity Gate, Cambridge 267
The Workhouse 269
A Factory Town at Night 272
A Factory Town 275
The Parade, Hastings 277
The Front, Brighton 280
A Crescent, Hastings 286
Winchelsea High Street 287
Rye, from Winchelsea Gate 290
Rye, from the Winchelsea Road 296
Rye, from the Marshes 300
The Sandgate, Rye 308
A Street in Rye 315
FitzGerald's House 317
In Old Suffolk 326
A Suffolk Common 330