Hymns for the Coronation of His Majesty King Edward VII/English People, lift your Voices

2287914Hymns for the Coronation of His Majesty King Edward VII — English People, lift your Voices1902John Ellerton (lyrics) and John Stainer (music)
No. 7.
English People, lift your Voices.
No. 7.

May be used at a Children's Service.

[1]Words by Rev. J. Ellerton.

Music by Sir J. Stainer, Mus. Doc.
Specially composed for this Hymn.

<< \override Score.BarNumber #'break-visibility = #'#(#f #f #f) \new Staff = "upper" { \key c \major \time 4/4 \partial 2 << \new Voice = "Sop" \relative c' { 
  \stemUp c4. c8 | e4 c e g | c g e g | a g g e | d2 g4. g8 \break
  e4 e a a | a g a b | c4. c8 a4 c | d1 | c2 c4. c8 <c e>2\fermata \bar "||" }
\new Voice \relative c' { \stemDown
  c4. c8 | c4 c c d | c d c c | c c c c | b2 e4. e8 |
  c4 c f f | f e a g | g4. g8 fis4 fis | g1 | <e c>2_\markup { \italic rall. } <f a>4. q8 | <e g>2 } >> }
\new Lyrics \with { alignAboveContext = "upper" } { \lyricsto "Sop" { _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ God save the King! } }
\new Staff << \clef bass \key c \major \new Voice \relative e { \stemUp e4. e8 | g4 e g g | e g g g | f g g g | g2 b4. b8
  c4 c c c | c c e d | c4. c8 c4 c | b1 | s | c2 }
\new Voice \relative c { \stemDown
  c4. c8 | c4 c c b | a b c e | f e e c | g'2 e4. e8 |
  a4 a f a | c c, c' b | a4. a8 a4 a | g1 | a2 f4. f8 c2 } >>

The Note C, as well as E, is to be sung by the children, in the last chord.

1English children
, lift your voices
To our Father's Throne on high!
Many a land to-day rejoices,
Many a coast prolongs the cry—
God save the King!

2Dusky Indian, strong Australian,
Western forest, Southern sea,
None are wanting, none are alien,
All in one great prayer agree—
God save the King!

3God with bounteous gifts supplied him,
Friends and statesmen wise and just,
One beyond all else beside him,
True and strong, in whom to trust.
God save the King!

4Faithfully his people love him,
Hail his Coronation Year.
Let Thy shield be still above him,
Save from danger and from fear—
God save the King!

5Spare him long through changing seasons
Still to rule his subject isles;
Guard his throne from wars and treasons,
Wild revolt and secret wiles.
God save the King!

6Then, when ends his long probation,
Earthly care and state laid down,
Grant him, Lord, Thy full salvation,
Grant him Life's unfading crown.
God save the King!

  1. This Hymn was written for the Jubilee of Queen Victoria, and is now adapted by substituting "King" for "Queen, with one or two other very slight alterations."