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Unit 8

*Chapter 1 in this Unit focuses on the grammar points that are central in the Comprehensive Reading that follows. The remaining Chapters in the Unit can be seen as a review of those grammar points isolated in Units 1-8.

The Hoax

A student recently saw two workmen drilling on the road that was in front of his dormitory. They were workmen who were hired by the university. But the student telephoned the police. He informed them that two students who were dressed up as workmen were tearing up the road.

After he telephoned the police, the student went out where the men were working. He told them that a student who liked to play tricks on people might come dressed like a policeman and order them to leave. The workmen laughed and thanked the student for the information and continued to work.

A policeman soon arrived at the dormitory. He walked over to where the men were working. He explained that what they were doing was illegal and that they should leave immediately. When the workmen began to laugh, the situation, which was already bad, became worse. When the policeman became angry, one of the workmen lost his temper and threatened to call the police. The policeman pointed out, however, that this was unnecessary since they were already under arrest. When one of the workmen actually called the police, however, they all realized what had happened. They were victims of a hoax.