Europe in China/By the Same Author


HANDBOOK FOR THE STUDENT OF CHINESE BUDDHISM:—A Sanskrit-Chinese Dictionary, with Vocabularies of Buddhist Terms in Pali, Singhalese, Siamese, Burmese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Japanese. Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged. Hongkong, 1888.
BUDDHISM:—Its Historical, Theoretical and Popular Aspects, in Three Lectures. Third Edition, Revised, with Additions. Hongkong, 1884.
FENG SHUI:— The Rudiments of Natural Science in China. London and Hongkong, 1873.
A CHINESE DICTIONARY IN THE CANTONESE DIALECT:—Four Volumes, with Appendix. London and Hongkong, 1877 to 1883.
MATERIALS FOR A HISTORY OF EDUCATION IN HONGKONG:—Reprint from the China Review. Hongkong, 1891.