Excellent collection of popular songs (1815-1825)/Paudien O'Rafferty

Excellent collection of popular songs  (1815-1825) 
Paudien O'Rafferty

Dated from external evidence.

Paudien O'Rafferty.

When I was a serving my time at Drogheda, .
Minding my work, just as I ought to do,
My master’s fair daughter, Miss Biddy O’Dogherty,
Bored a hole in the heart of young Paudien O’ Rafferty.
Fol, lol, lol, &c.

Miss Bid was a nice little girl as she ought to be,
Courted by half the young fellows of Drogheda,
Who long’d to be kissing this sweet creature of Drogheda,
But she lik’d none so well as young Paudien O’Rafferty
Fol, lol, lol, &c.

Now to think upon this, faith it made me conceited,
I went near the fire where Miss Biddy was seated ;
She look’d like an angel when knitting her stocking O,
I drew close my chair, and laid hold of her bottom O*.
Fol, lol, lol, &c.

When I found myself close by my darling a sitting
Says I, my dear creature, come throw by your knitting
And listen a while till I tell you how I love you, why,
And how much I adore you, Miss Biddy O’Dogherty
Fol, lol, lol, &c.

O can’t you be aisy, Pat, don’t be a teasing.
You’ve pull’d out my needles, you see, by your wheezing;
I’ve dropt all the stitches, you’ve quite spoil’d the stocking O,
The dickens is in you, pray let go my bottom O.
Fol, lol, lol, &c.

Her mother came running to us in the kitchen.
To see if Miss Biddy was minding her knitting;
Says she, what are you doing there, Paudien O’Rafferty?
Faith, I’m courting your daughter, Miss Biddy O'Dogherty.
Fol, lol, lol,.&c.

Her nose grew as red’s a big turkey cock’s snout;
Says she, my young Pat, have I now found you out!

*From a bottom of thread the knitter is supplied.

But straight I will run and tell Mr O'Dogherty,
What a hopeful apprentice is Paudien O’Rafferty.
Fol, lol, lol, &c.

Then I begg’d the dear girl no longer to stay,
But pack up her tatters and with me set away:
So now she’s no longer call’d Biddy O’Dogherty,
Faith we’re married, and how she’s Mrs O’Rafferty.
Fol, lol, lol, &c.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.