Executive Committee Meeting 1951-10-26

Executive Committee Meeting (1951)
American Association of State Highway Officials
3941382Executive Committee Meeting1951American Association of State Highway Officials

Omaha, Nebraska
October 26, 1951

  1. The Executive Committee of the American Association of State Highway Officials met at 6:00 p.m., October 26, 1951, at the Fontanelle Hotel, Omaha, Nebraska. Present were: President B. L. Tallamy, First Vice President C. M. Ziegler, and the following members of the Executive Committee: J. A. Anderson, D. C. Greer, G. T. McCoy, S. C. Hadden, P. M. Kitfield, T. H. MacDonald, R. H. Baldock, R. A. Harris, F. R. White, Ray F. Smock, and Treasurer George H. Henderson. Unavoidably absent were: Regional Vice Presidents F. D. Merrill, W. C. Pruett, T. J. Kauer, and Mark U. Watrous, and M. J. Hoffmann, member of the Executive Comnittee.
  2. The U. S. Route Numbering Committee at its meeting on Sunday, October 21, deferred action on three petitions submitted by the Florida Department and one petition submitted jointly by the Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina Departments in order to give Mr. Alfred McKethan, Chairman of the Florida Department, an opportunity to meet with the Route Numbering Committee on Tuesday evening, October 23. The Committee submitted the following report:


FLORIDA US 98 The extension of US 98 from its present terminus at Apalachicola, Florida, southerly via Crawfordville, Perry, Old Town, Chiefland, Lebanon Station, Brooksville, Eade City, Lakeland, Bartow, Fort Meade, West Frostproof, DeSoto City, Okeechobee, Canal Point, and Loxahatchee to West Palm Beach.
FLORIDA US 301 Extension of US 301 from its present terminus at Tampa over present US 541 to Palmetta, thence via US 41 to Bradenton, thence over State Route 683 to an intersection with US 41 in Sarasota; US 541 in its entirety to be eliminated by this action.
The assignment of a US 27 Alternate beginning at a junction with US 27 at a junction with US 27 at Perry, thence southeasterly via US 19 and 98 to Tennile, Cross City, Old Town, and Chiefland; thence easterly to a junction with US 27 and US 41 in Williston. (This petition was not on the agenda, but the Route Numbering Committee took the action to harmonize a discrepancy between the official log and the markings in effect at the present time.)


The assigment of a new US Alternate 27 from a point near Okahumpka southerly via Groveland, Polk City, Lake Alfred, and Winter Haven to a junction with US 27 at Waverly.
Declined to assign a new US route number between Burlington, North Carolina, and Panama City, Florida, via Charlotte, Augusta, Macon, and Cairo.

Mr. White moved that the recommendations of the Route Numbering Committee be approved. Mr. Baldock seconded, and the motion carried.

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