Executive Order 3428

Whereas Executive Order No. 3386, dated January 21, 1921, setting apart and describing an addition to the Quarry Heights Military Reservation incorrectly described the location of monument No. 12, as "on the contour of 150 feet elevation" when the same should have been described "on the contour of 325 feet elevation."

Now, Therefore, said Executive Order is hereby amended to read as follows:

The area of land hereinafter described, situated in the Canal Zone, is hereby set apart and assigned to the uses and purposes of a military reservation under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of War, as an addition to and to be administered as a part of the Quarry Heights Reservation heretofore set apart by Executive Order No. 3202 of December 22, 1919; but said area shall be subject to the civil control and jurisdiction of the Governor of the Panama Canal, in conformity with the Panama Canal Act.

The boundaries of the said addition to Quarry Heights Reservation are described as follows:

The point of beginning is a brass plug in a concrete monument # 10, which is N. 1° 51′ W., 711.4 feet, more or less, from Ancon triangulation station; the coordinates of Ancon station are Lat. 8° 57′ plus 2572.76 feet, Long. 79° 33′ plus 883.66 feet; thence

  1. S. 76° 6′ E., 833 feet, more or less, to a brass plug in a concrete monument # 11; thence
  2. N. 12° 40′ W., 645 feet, more or less, to concrete monument # 12, which monument is on the contour of 325 feet elevation; thence
  3. In a northwesterly direction following the 325-foot contour to concrete monument # 13, which monument is on the extreme northern point of the 325-foot contour; thence
  4. In a general southerly direction following the 325-foot contour to the intersection with the old boundary line between monument # 9 and monument # 10, this intersection being marked by concrete monument # 14; thence
  5. S. 75° 58′ E., 382.6 feet to monument # 10 which is the point of beginning.

Monuments #10, #11, and # 9 are the same as used in Executive Order of December 22, 1919, in describing the boundary of Quarry Heights Reservation.

All bearings refer to the true meridian.

Signature of Warren G. Harding
Warren G. Harding

The White House,

April 8, 1921.


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