Executive Order 3617

Under authority of the act of Congress approved June 25, 1910 (36 Stat. 847), as amended by the act of August 24, 1912 (37 Stat. 497), it is hereby ordered that the following described lands in Alaska be temporarily withdrawn from settlement, location, sale or entry, except as provided in said acts, and be reserved for use in connection with the administration of the Mount McKinley National Park and to protect a right of way for a proposed road into the Park:

What will be when surveyed the N½ N½, SW¼ NW¼, W½ SW¼, SE¼ SW¼ Sec. 4., S½ Sec. 5, S½ Sec. 6, N½ Sec. 7, N½ Sec. 8, NW¼ Sec. 9 in T. 14 S., R. 7 W., and S½ Sec. 1 and N½ Sec. 12 in T. 14 S., R. 8 W., F. B. M.

Signature of Warren G. Harding
Warren G. Harding

The White House,

January 13, 1922.

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