Executive Order 4351

Whereas Executive Order No. 4274 dated July 25, 1925, restoring to its previous status for use by the Territory of Hawaii, as a site for public schools, a part of the Military Reservation at Schofield Barracks (Waianae-Uka), situated in Waianae-Uka, District of Waianae and in Waikakalaua, District of Ewa, Island of Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, incorrectly described the azimuth of the second course of the property covered by the Executive Order as being


when the azimuth of said second course should have been described as


Now, therefore the said Executive Order No. 4274 is hereby amended so that the description of the boundaries of said land and the area thereof restored to its previous status for use by the Territory of Hawaii shall read as follows:

Beginning at a point called Station 1, which point is located from U.S. B.M. No. 39 (Territorial Triangulation Station "Kokoloea"), by distance 127.95 feet and azimuth 228°—52′—43″ and running by true azimuths and distances as follows:
72°—50′—43″ 1431 feet to Station 2, thence
191°—55′—13″ 1392.50 feet to Station 3, thence
310°—59′—43″ 1431 feet to the point of beginning.

Excluding, however, from the above described tract a strip of land forty (40) feet wide, lying twenty (20) feet on each side of the center of the 24-inch cast iron water main to Schofield Barracks, the said center line being described as follows:

Beginning at a point situated in the line joining Stations 1 and 2 of the above description and located 233.4 feet from said Station 1, and running 90°—00′—00″ true azimuth to a point in the line joining Stations 2 and 3 aforesaid and 1029.5 feet from said Station 3.
The net area of the land conveyed by this instrument is 19.00 acres, more or less.
Signature of Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge

The White House,

Dec. 2, 1925.

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