Executive Order 6259 of August 27, 1933

Amendment of Executive Order of January 28, 1873, Relating to the Holding of State, Municipal, or Other Local Office by Federal Officers and Employees

The Executive order of January 28, 1873, is hereby amended by striking out the last two sentences and substituting the following in lieu thereof:

Mechanics and laborers employed by the day in armories, arsenals, navy yards, etc., and master workmen and others who hold appointments from the Government or from any department whether for a fixed time or at the pleasure of the appointing power, are embraced within the operation of the order.

It is intended by this order to bring all mechanics and laborers in armories, arsenals, navy yards, etc., within the operation of the Executive orders of January 17 and January 28, 1873.

Signature of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The White House,
August 27, 1933.

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