Fables (Smart)

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Fables. The opening page from The Poems, of the Late Christopher Smart, volume II, 1791



Fable I. The Wholesale Critic and Hop-Merchant 17??, publ. posth. 1791    100%.svg
Fable II. The English Bull Dog, Dutch Mastiff, and Quail 1755, publ. 1758    100%.svg
Fable III. Fashion and Night 1751, publ. 1752 100%.svg
Fable IV. Where's the Poker? 1752 100%.svg
Fable V. The Tea Pot and Scrubbing Brush 1753 100%.svg
Fable VI. The Duellist[s] 1754 100%.svg
Fable VII. The Country Squire and the Mandrake 1755 100%.svg
Fable VIII. The Brocaded Gown and Linen Rag 1754 100%.svg
Fable IX. Madam and the Magpie 1767 100%.svg
Fable X. The Blockhead and Beehive 1754 100%.svg
Fable XI. The Citizen and the Red Lion of Brenton 1754 100%.svg
Fable XII. The Herald and Husband-Man 17??, publ. posth. 1791    100%.svg
Fable XIII. A Story of a Cock and a Bull 1756 100%.svg
Fable XIV. The Snake, the Goose, and Nightingale 1754 100%.svg
Fable XV. Mrs. Abigail and the Dumb Waiter 1755 100%.svg
Fable XVI. The Bag-Wig and the Tobacco-Pipe 1750 100%.svg
Fable XVII. Care and Generosity 1751 100%.svg
Fable XVIII. The Pig 1752 100%.svg


The Fables were written between 1750 and 1767 and partly published in the periodicals The Midwife; or The Old Woman's Magazine, The Gentleman's Magazine, The Literary Magazine, etc. The order in this collection of the fables was made by Smart himself and Christopher Hunter, Smart's biographer and nephew, after him, as it was printed posthumously in 1791 edition.

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This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.