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THERE was Once a Woman who Endeavored to Please her Husband in Every Particular. This is a very Difficult Thing to do.

"Among the Many Faults of your Sex," he was Accustomed to Say, "is Flightiness. You Jump too Hastily at Conclusions. If you would Devote the Mature Consideration of a Business Man to Your Affairs, they would Meet with Better Success. I Wish you would Remember This."

On one Occasion he Informed her that he was About to Present her with a Fine Piece of Fur for a Christmas Present. He Invited her to Accompany Him and Make her Own Selection.

When they Reached the Fur Shop the Woman Said to Herself, "Now is the Time to Delight Him with my Mature Consideration. I will Not Jump too Hastily at That Jacket, but Weigh the Merits of the Other Pieces."

Accordingly she Reasoned as follows:

"I will Not take the Long Coat, for it is Too Expensive, but I will Try it On. I will Not take the Collarette, for it would Not be Warm Enough, but I will Try it On. I will not take the Boa, for it will Not Look as if it Cost Enough, but I will Try it On. I will Not take the Cape, for it is Not Fashionable, but I will Try it On." And she did So.

Her Husband could Contain himself No longer. "For Heaven's Sake, woman. Make Up your Mind!" he cried. "You will Drive Me to an Insane Asylum with your Diddling Ways! I should Have Had the Garment half Worn Out by Now. I will Cure you of Shopping if I Cure you of Nothing. Else. Take what you Have On and Let us Get Away!"

When they had Reached their Home he Addressed her Thus:

"That Cape is Not Nearly so Becoming as the Jacket would Have Been!"

This teaches us that the Woman who Deliberates is Bossed.