Fables for the Fair/Fable 14






THERE was once a Woman who Held very Broad Views. Of these Views she Often Spoke, as is the Habit of Those who Hold them. But though she was Very Advanced, she had her Little Plans, just Like the Rest of Us. One Day she was Talking with a Man who was Interested in Her, and therefore, as she Thought, in Her Views. For even Advanced Women make this Error Occasionally.

"If I were Married," she said, "I should Never for One Moment expect My Husband to Confide his Past to me. I should Consider it to be None of My Business. Nor should I Feel that he was Necessarily Immoral if he Looked at Any Other Woman but Me. For that is Idiotic, considering that Men are only Human."

The Man smiled Approvingly.

"You are Quite Right," he said. "If More Women were Like You, the World would be a Happier Place. But Few are so Broad-minded."

"And then," said the Woman, "I should Expect the Same Tolerance from Him; for Women are Only Human, too."

The Man Drew away his Chair. "I Fear," said he, somewhat Coldly, "that you are Carrying Matters a Little Too Far. The Constitution of Society requires Some Foundation. There are Certain Things a Man has a Right to Exact from His Wife."

And he Engaged Himself to a Recent Graduate of a Convent School.

This teaches us that the Broad Road is More than Likely to Lead to Destruction.