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THERE was once a Woman who was Very Anxious to Have her Daughter well Married. For this Purpose she Selected an Eligible Young Man who had but One Fault. This Fault was great Timidity.

"If he had Not been so Timid he would have Been Acquired by somebody Long Since," said the Woman's Friends, "and it is Not Likely that your Daughter, who has a very Haughty Appearance, would Succeed where So Many of Us have Failed; for We also Have Daughters."

But the Thoughtful Mother refused to Listen to these Sneers.

“I have Made a Study of These Matters," she said, "and I have Observed that your Efforts are Put Forth at the Wrong Time. You Entertain young Men at Summer Places, where Competition is far Too Keen, and in the Winter Season, when Men are far Too Busy. I have a Better Plan.”

In Accordance with this Plan, she did Not go Away for the Summer, but Stayed in Town. Toward the end of August she Invited the Eligible Young Man to Dinner. He Accepted eagerly, for he had been Living in Restaurants, and Depending largely upon Roof Gardens for his Entertainment. He therefore Fully Appreciated the Society of the Thoughtful Mother and her Daughter. In Fact, at the End of the Evening he Proposed for the Hand of the Latter, which was His immediately.

"How many Summers I have Spent Toiling in the City with No such Home as This!" he exclaimed thankfully. So they were All Pleased.

This teaches us that Good Wine sometimes Needs a Bush.