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THERE was once a Woman who had Remarkable Conversational Powers. Her Friends admired her Very Much. Once they Planned a Dinner Party in her Honor. To this Party they Invited a Man who was what is known as The Life of the Occasion. He was One of Those People who Set the Table in a Roar. The Hostess had Planned for him to Take Out the Woman of the Conversational Powers. To her Surprise, he Refused, Politely but Forcibly, to do this.

"Why, I Thought you would Enjoy each other So Much!" said the Hostess. "She is such a Fascinating Talker—so Brilliant! You, of All People, would Appreciate Her."

"On the Contrary," said the Man who could Set the Table in a Roar. "Far From It. That Woman Irritates me Beyond Endurance. Every Time I Open my Mouth, she knows What I am Going to Say beforehand, and More than That, she Talks All the Time herself. I am Sorry to Disoblige you, but you must Give me Somebody Else."

"Here is a List of the Ladies," said the Hostess. "Take your Choice."

"I will take This One," said he, "for she Stutters."

This teaches us that Birds of a Feather occasionally Prefer to Flock Apart.