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THE only way in which you will ever procure a foundation garment that will be exactly right for your figure in every way is to have it especially designed for you. And the one and only system of Special Designing is Spencer Service. The Spencer corset that you will wear will be designed especially to meet your needs, for since no two figures are exactly alike, or need exactly the same sort of treatment, we do not make any "ready-to-wear" corsets or girdles.

Instead, trained Spencer Corsetieres take accurate measurements, record such detailed description of your figure lines, that our expert designers can create a picture of your figure. They know exactly what you need to assure perfect comfort, slender proportions and the smartest possible lines.

After a designer has worked out a plan for your garment, it is cut and made especially for you. There is not another corset like it in the world, for it is designed for you and you alone.

The cost? Surprisingly reasonable!


YOU may have any kind of foundation garment your figure requires — by means of Spencer Designing Service.

If you are not overgenerously proportioned, a Spencerette (pictured at left) may give your figure all the disciplining it requires. It will be made just or you.

A pane of gleaming silken stuff or its smooth, straight back. Pliable, lightly boned, and at the waist on each side band of elastic. Below the hips on both sides elastic so place it holds the garment snugly in position, slenderizing hips an thighs. Such is the Spencerette.

No two Spencerettes are alike. Each one is desgned to meet the particular needs of the one person who is to wear it. Yours may close with hooks an eyes at side-front or with lacing at front— as you choose!


YOUNG girls and slim women require an individually designed garment as well as their fuller-figured sisters. Youthful lines must be preserved or dangerous curves will soon beset them. For such figures we suggest the Slendere pictured below.

A Slenderette offers the youthful figure just the support it requires. As light in your hand as a bit of lingerie—pliant—delicately beautiful, it follows every movement of the figure, contributing a gentle restraint.

It's a brief little garment—but ever so efficient. Wrap it about your figure, hook it at the side-front, figure, and your youthful lines will be preserved.

A Slenderette, designed just or you, will e different from every other Slenderette, because it will be designed to meet the particular needs of your figure.

Spencer Dress Corset

FOR those whose hips I must be minimized considerably or whose backline requires straighening—or who are annoyed by accumulations of fat in the wrong places— then a Spencer Dress Corset as illustrated at left.

You will breathe a sigh of relief when you slip into it, so comfortable will it be, for it will be designed and made especially for you. Gently, but efficiently, it will flatten your abdomen and diaphragm, reduce your hips and straighten your back-line. It is light, softly pliable, luxurious, and has power to make unlovely curves enticing.

You will be amazed to find how it will rest you by supporting those sagging muscles that cause fatigue, headache and backache. Your Dress Corset may be made with lacing in front, or with clasp In front and lacing in back.

Supporting corset

DO you suffer from backache—or headache? Are you easily fatigued? Have you a scar from an operation, or a hernia or floating kidney which tortures you? Don't just grin and bear ill Have a Spencer Supporting Corset made especially for you.

A Supporting corset, such as is pictured on this page, whose inner belt is easily adjusted, will support a fallen stomach. And by taking pressure away from nerve-centers it will give you relief from aching nerves and muscles—and perfect figure lines!

Supporting corset

Where the condition requires it, soft pads for hernias or for floating kidneys or operation scars are attached. 30,000 physicians recommend this corset to patients and to women who require support. Other women wear it as a "health and beauty habit."


THE delights of an all in-one garment are many. When one can wrap a pliant garment about the figure, hook it up, and find that it provides a smooth, unbroken foundation for smart gowns it is, indeed, a convenience.

But the thing is to get the right one-piece garment. It must cling to the figure without a break when one sits as well as when one stands. And only a garment specially designed for each wearer can actually do that—a Spencer-All, for instance. (Pictured at left)

A Spencer-All, designed just for you, will provide a garment that is lightly boned, with elastic insets just where your particular figure requires them, and topped with a bandeau that at once minimizes and uplifts the bust. It is sleek, supple, luxurious.

Spencer-All No. 5

FOR the woman who prefers a one-piece garment but whose figure is better suited to a separate corset and bandeau, the garment portrayed below provides a delightful compromise. It's an "all-in-one" affair. Just slip it on, hook it up—and that's all!

Have one designed especially for you, and you may rely on it to restrain your diaphragm, support and flatten your abdomen (by means of an adjustable inner support), slenderize your hips and thighs and give you a beautiful back-line. The back is a one-piece, unbroken line from top to hem. The front is in two sections, allowing of adjustment at the diaphragm (an obliging feature!). Your garment may be made with or without inner support—as you prefer. This garment is known as Spencer-All No. 5.

Belt De Luxe

HERE is a garment attuned to the swift tempo of modern life. Slip it on over your head, or just step into it. and in a flash it is adjusted to your figure.

If you must catch an early car to the ofFice, or serve breakfast to a hurrying family, or rush to get the children off to school, you will bless your Belt De Luxe, as the garment at left is called. Have one especially designed for you, and you will own a garment that will support your abdomen, lend straightness to your back, confine your hips and thighs and distribute flesh evenly.

A Belt De Luxe will provide a glorious new freedom of motion such as you have never had before. Note how it swathes the thighs, and how adequately it constrains the hips. Many women order a Belt De Luxe as a "second garment", for general wear.


YOU may feel joyously free and yet be adequately supported in a Spencer-Band designed just for you. (Pictured below.) It's a charming garment! The back-lines, hips and front are ever so lightly boned, and flexibility is provided by deftly-curved insets of elastic.

The waistline is defined by narrow bands of elastic, and closes with lacing in front or back or with hooks and eyes at side-front. A Spencer-Band, though remarkably supple, will confine your hips, improve your back-line and make your front-line straight and lovely. Such is the magic of Spencer Individual Designing!

The boning used in Spencer garments is flexible as a willow-reed. The fabrics and elastics are of the finest quality. A Spencer garment will wear longer than any other garment and will keep its lovely lines as long as it lasts!

Pendulous Abdomen
What Does Your


Full Thighs
Full Thighs
Spreading Hips
High Full Abdomen
High, Full Abdomen
Spreading Hips
Full Back Type
Full Back Type
If your mirror reflects a youthful figure, preserve it by means of Spencer


If it mirrors dangerous curves, correct them by The same artful system of Special Designing.

There is no other way to beauty.

Before doning Spencer

and after donning a

After donning Spencer

At the left you see a sagging abdomen and a deeply curved back. At the right, by the aid of a Spencer, designed especially for her, you see an equalized, graceful figure.

X Rays

This X-Ray reveals the reason why the woman photographed above had figure defects. When she was uncorseted. her stomach, as shown in illustration A, was dropped three inches below the crest of her hip bones. When she put on her Spencer the improvement in illustration B was made.

Spencer Designing System

creates flexible corsets, belts and one-piece garments, with special supports and pads for hernia, floating kidney, sacro-lliac sprain, postoperative conditions, fallen stomach and maternity wear. Spencer Maternity Corsets are famous for their comfort and good lines. Spencer Bandeaus, designed especially for the wearer, are style favorites here and abroad.


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