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Field scene (Tarnatella)

For works with similar titles, see Field scene.

Once Leonardo played in the bustling crowd,
               And was Sunday,
Blew ribbons – songs like in hum of waves,
               Tarantella! Tarantella!
Since then Pepita in children's joy,
               Going crazy every Sunday,
She without Leonardo did not dance any more,
               Though again Tarantella sounds!...
Leonardo disappeared, bells dully wail,
               All – though this is not a Sunday.
In monastery from matrons nun took the veil,
               Somewhere in a distance – sounds: Tarantella!
And from somewhere came back devil with violin,
               And was Sunday,
But he did not play any more between girls,
               Though they shouted: Tarantella!
And he went at evening under the monastic wall,
               Where there is no merriment,
And he played when vesper moon went down,
               And from strings flies up: Tarantella!..
And poor nun frightened and pale,
               Corner abandons – where her cell,
And traitorously like a weak leaf falls
               In wild arm of tempter!...
They eloped – but them captured gigantic palm,
               And was bright Sunday –
[She] was immured –
                                   Because she perjured.
               Somewhere in a distance sounds: Tarantella!
What has he gone? A little! but be told
               That at midnight on every Sunday
Violinist with nun errs on the side of wall,
               And from violin sounds: Tarantella!

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