Folk-Lore  (1904) 
Volume 16





The Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society

And Incorporating The Archælogical Review and
The Folk-Lore Journal.

VOL. XVI.—1905

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I.—(March, 1905.)
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 17th November, 1904 1
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 7th December, 1904 2
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 1 8th January, 1905 3
Twenty-seventh Annual Report of the Council 6
Annual Accounts and Balance Sheet, 1904 12
Presidential Address. W. H. D. Rouse 14
Midsummer Customs in Morocco. E. Westermarck 27
Some Notes on the Huculs. M. L. Hodgson 48

II.—(June, 1905.)
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 15th February, 1905 129
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 15th March, 1905 131
The Cimaruta, its Structure and Development. R. T. Günther 132
Folk-lore of the Wye Valley. Margaret Eyre 162

III.—(September, 1905.)
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 19th April, 1905 241
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 17th May, 1905 242
The Dancing-Tower Processions of Italy. Albinia Wherry 243
The European Sky-God; III., The Italians. Arthur Bernard Cook 260

IV.—(December, 1905.)
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 21st June, 1905 369
Bavili Notes. R. E. Dennett 371
The Legend of Merlin. M. Gaster 407
The Religious Ideas of the Arunta. N. W. Thomas 428

The Padstow Hobby-Horse 56
The Devil in Glencoe. Dora Bailey 61
Miscellaneous Notes from Monmouthshire. Beatrix A. Wherry 63
Folklore of the Negroes of Jamaica, VII., VIII., IX. . . 68
Additions to The Games of Argyleshire. R. C. Maclagan 77
St. James’s Day and Grottoes. F. G. D’Aeth 180
The Scoppio del Carro at Florence. Jessie L. Weston 182
Winning the Churn (Ulster). H. W. Lett 185
Fin MacCoul's Pebble. L. J. Dennis 186
A Cambridgeshire Witch. H. L. F. Jennings 187
Cutting a Waterspout. J. G. Piddington 190
Additions to The Games of Argyleshire. II. R. C. Maclagan 192
The Whitby Snake-Ammonite Myth. Edward Lovett 333
Veterinary Leechcraft. Edward Lovett, F. Barry, F. M. Webb 334
A Fisher-Story and Other Notes from South Wales. T. H. Thomas 337
Additions to The Games of Argyleshire., III., R. C. Maclagan 340
Notes from South Nigeria. R. E. Dennett 434

Riddle or Charm? F. Barry 98
“I’ll put my Foot in the Fire.” A. Lang 98
Group Marriage. N. W. Thomas 99
The Elder Tree. Albinia Wherry 100
Translation of Maltese Folk-Tales. E. Magri 100
All-Fathers in Australia. A. Lang 222
Mysterious Smoke. E. A. W. Peacock 224
Mock Burial. Evelyn Villiers 225
A Solution of the Gorgon Myth. F. T. Elworthy 350
Riddle-Story from the Wye Valley. E. E. Sikes 352
The Dancing-Towers of Italy. Mabel Peacock, Alice Oldknow, Charlotte S. Burne 461
A Correction. Arthur Bernard Cook 462
The Legend of Merlin; a Postscript. M. Gaster 462
Burial in Effigy. Mabel Peacock and Charlotte S. Burne 463
The Mock Mayor of Headington. W. Henry Jewitt and Charlotte S. Burne 464
A Swiss Charm. Lucy E. Broadwood 465

Reviews :-
A. W. Hewitt's The Native Tribes of South-East Australia E. Sidney Hartland .... 101
R. H. Nassau's Fetishism in West Africa and E. Allegret's Les Idees Religieiises des Fan. A. Lang 109
Carl Ribbe's Zwei Jahre unter den Kannibalen der Salomo Inseln. A. C. Haddon .... 113
George A. Dorsey's Traditions of the SkidiPaivnee. N. W Thomas ...... 116
William Thalbitzer's A Phonetical Study of the Eskimo Language E. Sidney Hartland .... 119
Sociological Papers., 1904. Charlotte S. Burne 119
H. M. Chadwick's Studies in Anglo-Saxon Literature. F. M Stenton ...... 122
Journal of the Folk-Song Society. L. M. Eyre 126
Arnold van Gennep's Tabou et Tothnisme a Madagascar. E Sidney Hartland ..... 226
A. C. Hollis's The Masai., their Language and Folklore. N. W Thomas ...... 234
Helen Child Sargent and George Lyman Kittredge's English and Scottish Popular Ballads. A. Lang 238
G. M. Stow's The Native Races of South Africa. N. W. Thomas 353
Gudbrand Vigfusson and F. York Powell's Origines LslandiccE L. Winifred Faraday .... 358
Joseph Frank Payne's E7iglish Medicine itt the Anglo-Saxon limes. Bertram C. A. Windle 362
H. F. Feilberg'sy>//.- Allesjcelestiden ; Hedensk, Kristen Julefest. W. A. Craigie ..... 366
Journal of American Folklore, Vol. XVH. N. W. Thomas 368
Emile Durkheim's L'Annee Sociologique, 1904. E. Sidney Hartland ...... 468
Salomon Reinach's Cultes, Mythes, et Religions. A. Nutt 475
J. A. Dulaure's LDes Divinites Generatrices. E. Sidney Hartland . .... 476
N. W. Thomas's Crystal Gazing. Edward Clodd 479
Richard Andre'e's Votive Weihegabeti des Katholischen Volks in Suddeutschland ..... 480
Paul Ehrenreich's Mythen mid Legendeti der Siidainerikanischen Urvolker. E. Sidney Hartland 483

Nelson Annandale's The Faroes mid Iceland. Edward Brabrook ....... 486
Henry Bernard and E. J. Dillon's The Shade of the Balkans . 489
Volkskundliche Zeitschrifteschau fur 1903 ; Hessische B latter
fiir Volkskunde ; Mitteilungen des Verbandes deutschen
Vereine fiir Volkskwide ; Schweizerisches Archiv fiir
Volkskunde ; Mitteilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft
ifi Wien ; Ellen and Paul Mitzschke's Sagetischatz der Stadt
Weitnar. N. W. Thomas . . . . '491
Anthropological Queries for Central Africa . . . 494
E. W. Blyden's West Africa before Europe. N. W. Thomas 495
Rules and List of Members.
List of Plates
I. Hucul Easter Eggs To face page 50
II. Wedding Invitation, Lemberg 51
III. Hucul Easter Dove 52
IV. Process of Colouring Easter Eggs Illustrated 53
V. Ornaments of the Huculs .54
VI. Implements of the Huculs 55
VII. The Padstow Hobby-Horse, 1903 ...56
VIII. " "56
IX. " "57
X. Sprigs of Rue (cima di ruia) 136
XI. Rue Plant, Lunaria, Assyrian Amulet, and Bologna Amulet 137
XII. Cimaruta, No. 23B IX. 142
XIII. Cimaruta .... 149
XIV. Simple and Compound Amulets . 156
XV. Compound Amulets (Cimarute) . 158
XVI. Cimarute (Typical Series) . 159
XVII. Cimarute (Aberrant and Degenerate Forms) 161