Folk-Lore/Volume 30/Ki-Swahili Folk-Lore

Folk-Lore, Volume XXX (1919)
Number 3 (September).
Ki-Swahili Folk-Lore by Leonard Cyril Wharton
3238794Folk-Lore, Volume XXX (1919) — Number 3 (September).
Ki-Swahili Folk-Lore
Leonard Cyril Wharton

Ki-Swahili Folk-Lore.

Aids to the study of Ki-swahili. Four Studies, compiled and annotated by M. W. H. Weech. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., London, n.d.

The interest of this book is mainly philological; but it contains some matter of folk-lore interest: the tale of the Banawasi, the man who has always an answer ready and excels in repartee: and “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.” These are followed by a collection of Enigmas and Aphorisms with explanations as given by the Wa-swahili, and a Study on Magic in Pemba. This last includes papers on the Spirit Dance (by a sceptic); the Witches’ Sabbath; Four Charms whereby to cause evil to an enemy; a charm to obtain a wish from a rich man, a king, or a woman; and charms to cause the separation of husband and wife. Throughout the book the original Kiswahili text is printed on one side of the page, with an English translation opposite, and the full commentary gives numerous examples of folk-beliefs.