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Folk-Lore, Volume XXXI (1920)
Obituary of Miss Mabel Peacock
714776Folk-Lore, Volume XXXI (1920) — Obituary of Miss Mabel Peacock

Miss Mabel Peacock, daughter of Edward and Lucy Peacock of Bottesford Manor, Brigg, Lincolnshire, and later of Kirton-in-Lindsey, published the following works: An Index of Royalists whose estates were confiscated during the Commonwealth. 1879; Tales and Rhymes in the Lindsey Folk-speech, 1886, written conjointly with her brother Max, but published in his sister’s name ; Tales fra Linkishire, 1889. She also edited a reprint of Bunyan’s Holy War and Heavenly Footman, 1892, with full introduction and notes; Lincolnshire Tales, 1897; Lincolnshire Rhymes, 1907. Finally, in conjunction with Mrs. Gutch, Lincolnshire County Folklore, 1908. She was for very many years a contributor to Folk-Lore, and has left a large collection of notes and some chapters of another book on Lincolnshire customs and folklore which she had hoped to finish during the coming winter.

A keen naturalist and county lover, with a lively play of humour, Miss Peacock will be greatly missed by a large number of friends.