Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008/Title I/Subtitle F

Subtitle F—AdministrationEdit

Sec. 1601. Administration generally.
Sec. 1602. Suspension of permanent price support authority.
Sec. 1603. Payment limitations.
Sec. 1604. Adjusted gross income limitation.
Sec. 1605. Availability of quality incentive payments for covered oilseed producers.
Sec. 1606. Personal liability of producers for deficiencies.
Sec. 1607. Extension of existing administrative authority regarding loans.
Sec. 1608. Assignment of payments.
Sec. 1609. Tracking of benefits.
Sec. 1610. Government publication of cotton price forecasts.
Sec. 1611. Prevention of deceased individuals receiving payments under farm commodity programs.
Sec. 1612. Hard white wheat development program.
Sec. 1613. Durum wheat quality program.
Sec. 1614. Storage facility loans.
Sec. 1615. State, county, and area committees.
Sec. 1616. Prohibition on charging certain fees.
Sec. 1617. Signature authority.
Sec. 1618. Modernization of Farm Service Agency.
Sec. 1619. Information gathering.
Sec. 1620. Leasing of office space.
Sec. 1621. Geographically disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.
Sec. 1622. Implementation.
Sec. 1623. Repeals.