Fortson v. Toombs/Opinion of the Court

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United States Supreme Court

379 U.S. 621

Fortson  v.  Toombs

 Argued: Nov. 18, 19, 1964. ---

The District Court, having held that the Georgia Legislature was malapportioned (Toombs v. Fortson, 205 F.Supp. 248), enjoined appellants, election officials, 'from placing on the ballot to be used in the General Election to be held on November 3, 1964, or at any subsequent election until the General Assembly is reapportioned in accordance with constitutional standards, the question whether a constitutional amendment purporting to amend the present state constitution by substituting an entirely new constitution therefor shall be adopted.' [*] Appellants challenge that provision on the merits. Appellees, while defending it on the merits, suggest alternatively that the issue has become moot.

The situation has changed somewhat since the 1964 election, as both the Senate and the House have new members, and appellees, for whose benefit the challenged provision was added, say it is now highly speculative as to what the 1965 legislature will do and suggest the paragraph in question be vacated as moot.

We vacate this part of the decree and remand to the District Court, to whom we give a wide range in moulding a decree (United States v. Crescent Amusement Co., 323 U.S. 173, 185, 65 S.Ct. 254, 260, 89 L.Ed. 160; International Boxing Club of New York v. United States, 358 U.S. 242, 253, 79 S.Ct. 245, 251, 3 L.Ed.2d 270), for reconsideration of the desirability and need for the on-going injunction in light of the results of the 1964 election and the representations of appellees. It is so ordered.

Decree vacated in part and case remanded.


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