Four excellent new songs/Nelson's victory

Four Excellent New Songs  (1805) 
Nelson's Victory

Dated from period of activity of publisher and internal evidence


COME all you gallant heroes bold,
and listen unto me,
Whilst I relate a Battle,
which was lately fought at sea.
So fierce and hot upon each side.
As plainly doth appear;
There’s not been such a battle,
No, not these many years.
Brave Nelson, and brave Colinwood,
Off Cadiz harbour lay,
Watching the French and Spaniards,
To shew them British play,
The nineteenth of October,
From the bay they did set sail.
Brave Nelson got intelligence,
And soon was at their tail.
It was on the twenty first my boys,
We had them clear in sight,
And on that very day at noon,
Began that Bloody fight.
Our fleet into two columns form'd,
We soon broke thro' their line.
To spare the use of signals.
Was Nelson's bold design.
But now the voice of thunder,
Is heard on every side :
The briny waves like crimson,
With human blood was dy'd
The French and Spanish heroes,
Their courage well did shew,
But our brave British sailors,
Soon brought their Colours low.
Four hours and ten minutes,
This battle it did hold,
And on the briny ocean,
Men never fought more bold.
But on the point of victory,
Brave Nelson he was slain.
And in the mind of Britions,
His death shall long remain,
Nineteen sail of the enemies.
Were taken and destroy'd.
You see the rage of Britions,
Are not to be annoyed,
In ages yet hereafter,
We’ll have it still to tell,
The twenty first of October,
Our gallant Nelson fell,
I hope their wives and children,
Will quickly find relief,
For the loss of their brave heroes,
Their hearts were fill’d with greif.
And may our warlike Officers,
Aspire to such a fame,
And revenge the death of Nelson,
Whilst we record his name.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.