Fourteen sonnets and poems/What is Truth?

Truth is that which survives, and stands the tests, the vicissitudes, the wear and tear of experience, reflection and controversy.

What is Truth?

<poem>ASKED jesting Pilate, "What is Truth?"

    And would not stay, but went without, 

Leaving unanswered that which was

   To save a world in doubt. 

Yet "What is Truth?" was answered more

   In silence than by uttered tones, 

Since sealed it was to be for aye,

   In tears, and sighs, and groans. 

That lofty life, and mighty heart,

   That walked the earth as man, 

Declared what's truth in life and deed,

   As language never can.

Yet "What is Truth?" if't must be told,—

   In the trial of our lives, 

The test of thought,—the war of words,—

   'Tis what alone survives!