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9885. Beckett, S. May 21.

chest expanders
chest expanders

Corsets, chest expanders, dresses, suspender, &c.

Appliance for male or female wear, but specially applicable as a substitute for corsets, and as a chest expander, dress suspender, spinal support, and waistband. Fig. 2 is a front view and Fig. 3 a back view of the appliance as worn by a female' and it consists of a stiffened and corded band A in two parts, laced together at the centre of the back,

and buttoned together at the front. On this band are widened lozenge-shaped pieces or pockets B, which support the breasts. Shoulder straps C, stiffened to serve as a support for the spine, are adjustably connected to the pieces B, and crossed at the back where they join a belt D, which is

fastened around the waist. The pieces B are kept in place by straps d connected to the waistband D. The shoulders are pulled back by the straps b. Hooks c serve for the support of a dress or other garment. For male wear, the parts B are dispensed with.