Gazetteer of the State of New York/Edmeston

EDMESTON -- was formed from Burlington, April 1, 1808. It lies upon the W. border of the co., N. of the center. The surface is elevated upland, broken by numerous irregular valleys. The highest elevations are 400 to 500 ft. above Unadilla River, which forms the W. boundary. Wharton Creek flows across the S. E. corner. Mill Creek and several other small streams take their rise in the town. Smiths Pond is a small sheet of water in the N. E. corner. The soil is a sandy and clayey loam. Edmeston Center (Edmeston p.o.) contains 3 churches, a grist and saw mill, and tannery. Pop. 275. West Edmeston, (p.v.,) on Unadilla River, and partly in Brookfield, (Madison co.,) contains a church and 35 houses. South Edmeston, (p.v.,) on the Unadilla, contains 30 houses. Of the first settlement in town, authentic data of the precise date are wanting. It was made, however, on Unadilla River, during the interval between the close of the French War, in 1763, and the commencement of that of the Revolution, in 1775, by Col. Edmeston, an officer of the French War, and Percifer Carr, a faithful soldier who had served under him.[1] The first church (Bap.) was formed at Taylor Hill, March 8, 1794; Rev. Stephen Taylor was the first preacher.[2]

  1. At the close of the war, Col. Edmeston, for his military services, received the grant of a tract of land covering a large portion of the town on which he made the first settlement. At his death the lands fell to heirs and minor children residing in England, from whom no safe title could be obtained for many years, — which greatly retarded the settlement of the town. During the American Revolution, the hired men of Mr. Carr were killed while at work, his barn burned, his property destroyed, and himself and family were taken prisoners by the British and Indians and detained to the close of the war. Abel De Forest and Gideon De Forest were among the early settlers on the Unadilla; Aden Deming and James Kenada, at Edmeston; and Stephen Taylor, on Taylor Hill, where the first school was taught. Rufus Graves kept the first inn; and James Kenada erected the first gristmill, both at Edmeston Center.
  2. The census reports 5 churches; 2 Bap., 7th da. Bapt., M. E., and Univ.