General Order 27: Civil Information and Education Section

General Order 27: Civil Information and Education Section  (1946) 
by Paul J. Mueller



APO 500
3 June 1946


1. General Orders 4, 2 October 1945, as amended by General Orders 14, 1945 in rescinded.
2. The Civil Information and Education Section is established as a Special Staff Section to advice the Supreme Commander on policies relating to public information, education, religion, and other sociological problems of Japan and Korea.
3. The functions of the Section are to:
a. Make recommendations to:
(1) Effect the accomplishment of the information and educational objectives of the Allied Powers.
(2) Expedite the establishment of freedom of religious worship, freedom of opinion, speech, press and assembly by dissemination of democratic ideals and principles through all media of public information.
(3) Make clear to all levels of the Japanese public the true facts of their defeat, their war guilt, the responsibility of the militarists for present and future Japanese suffering and privation and the reasons for and objectives of the military occupation by the Allied Powers.
b. Make recommendations on information programs, through all media, reaching the Japanese public. The insure their understanding of all policies and plans for political economic and social rehabilitation of Japan and Korea.
c. Maintain liaison with:
(1) The Japanese Ministry of Information, and of Education.
(2) The Japanese press, radio, motion pictures and other information channels.
(3) Educational institutions.
(4) Religious, political, professional, social and commercial organisations; to insure their understanding of and cooperation with the information and education objectives of the Supreme Commander.
d. Make recommendation relative to, and to direct the conduct of, such surveys of public opinion as are essential:
(1) To keep the Supreme Commander factually informed of public reactions to the occupation and rehabilitation program.
(2) To insure a dependable basis for progressive formulation and modification of policies and plans.
e. Direct the initiation and production of such plans, materials and programs as are required to implement the information and education objectives of the Supreme Commander.
f. Make recommendations to insure:
(1) The elimination of militarism and ultra-nationalism, in doctrine and practice, including military training, from all element of the Japanese educational system.
(2) The inclusion of such new courses of instruction in school curricula as are necessary to accomplish the mission of proper dissemination of democratic ideals and principles.
g. Make recommendations to the Supreme Commander on matters relating to the protection, preservation, salvage or other disposition of works of art and antiquity, cultural treasures, religious articles, historial monument
By command of General MacARTHUR:

Major General, General Staff Corps.
Chief of Staff


/s/ B. M. Fitch

B. M. FITCH Bridgedier General, AGD, Adjutant General

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