General Zoology/White-Tailed Opossum

General Zoology, Volume 1 by George Shaw
White-Tailed Opossum


New Holland O. Pennant Quadr. 2. p. 25.
Opossum. Hawskew. voy. 3. p. 586. Cook’s last voy. 1. p. 108. pl. 4.

This is described as about twice the size of a rat; and of a rusty brown colour above, whitish beneath: the hair soft and glossy; the tail taper,and nearly the length of the body; it is covered with brown hair to within about four inches and a half at the end, where it is white, bare, and prehensile; the ears are short and rounded, and the face rather long. This species is a native of New Holland, and is described, but not very distinctly, in the voyages above referred to.