George Chapman, a critical essay/Catalogue

February, 1882.


NEW FINE-ART WORK. Large 4to, bound in buckram, 21s.

Abdication, The; or, Time Tries All. An Historical Drima. By W. D. Scott-Moncrimrr, With Seven Etchings by Jonn Petrie, R.A., W.Q. OrcitaRnson, R.A., J. MAC WuHikterR. A.R.A., COLIN HuNTeR, R, MACRETH, and Tom GRAHAM,

Crown Svo, Coloured Froauspiece and Illustrauons, cloth gilt, 75. Gt. Advertising, A History of. From the Earliest Times. Illustrated by Anecdotes, Curious Speci___ mens, and Notices of Successful Advertisers, By HENRY SAMPSON. Allen (Grant), Works by: The Evolutionist at Large. Crown $vo, cloth extra, 6s. Vignettes from Nature. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s. "One af the Fest chectmens af popular scientific exposition that we have ever Aad the good fortune to fall in with,"—Leeos Menc URY. Crown &vo, cloth extra, with 639 Illustrations, 7s. 6d. Architectural Styles, A Handbock of. From the German of A. RosknGARTEN by W. COLLETT-SANDARS, Crown 8vo, with Portrait and Facsimile, cloth extra, 75. 6d. Artemus Ward's Works: TheWorksof CHARLES FARRER BROWNE, known as ARTEMUS Ward. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. Bankers, A Handbook of London;

With some Account of their Precdecessors, the Early Goldsmiths; together with Lists of Bankers fram 1677 10 1876. By F.G. Hinton Price

Bardsley (Rev. C. W.), Works by:

Surnames: Their Sources and Signitications, Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 77. Gf.

Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature. Cr. Svo, cl. extra, 77. Gd. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, Illustrated, 73. 6¢.

Bartholomew Fair, Memoirs of. . By Henry Moriey. New Edition, with One Hundred Mustrations, —

Imperial gto, cloth extra, gilt and gilt edges, ats. per volume, Beautiful Pictures by British Artists: A Gathering of Favourites from our Picture Galleries. In Two Series, The Finsr Series including Examples by WILKIE, CONSTABLE, TURNER, MuLREADY, LANDSEER, MACLIis&, E. M. WARD, Friru, Sir JoHN Gitgert, LESLIE, ANSDELL, Marcus Stone, Sir NOEL PaTon, Fard, Eyre Crowe, Gavin O'Net, and Mapox * The Secornp SERi"s containing Pictures by ARMITAGE, FAED, GoopaALL, Hemstrey, Horsctey, Marks, Nicnouis, Sir Nor: Paton, Pickerscitt, G, SmitH, Marcus Strong, Sonomon, STRAIGHT, E. M. WARD, and WARREN, All engraved on Steel in the highest style of Art. Edited, with Notices of the Artists, by SYDNEY ARMYTAGE, < "This dook is well got wp, and good engravings by Feens, Lumb Stocks, and others, bring Jack to us Reyal Academy Exhibitions of fast years."—Timrs Small 4to, green and gold, 6s. 6¢.; gilt edges, 75. 6d, Bechstein's As Pretty as Seven,

And other German Storles. Collected by Lupwitg Becustetn, Witk Additional Tales by the Brothers Guimm, and roo Illustrations by RICHTER.

One Shilling Monthly, TUlustrated, Belgravia for 1682.

A New Serial Story, cntitled " All Sorts and Conditions of Men," written by WALTER HESANT and JAMES Rick, Authors of * ReadyMoney Mortiboy," "The Golden Butterfly," ** The Chaplain of the Fleet," &c., and Illustrated by FReD, BARNARD, was begun in the JANUARY Number of BELGRAVIA; which Number contamed also the First Chapters of a New Novel, entitled "The Admiral's Ward," by Mrs. ALEXANDER, Author of "The Wooing o't," &c; the first portion of a Comedy in Two Parts, by Ou1pa, entitled * Resurgo;" and a Story by WiLKte COLLtNs, cnttled * How I Married Him: A Young Lady's Confession." In this Number was also given the First of a Serics of Twelve Pa:, by Mrs, Macguvorp, entitled

" About Yorkshire," [llustrated by Tuomas R, MACQvOID. °° The FORT Y-SIX TH Volume of BELGRAVIA, elegantly bound in crimson cloth, full gilt side and back, gilt edges, price 7s. 6d., is now ready.—Handrome Cases for binding volumes can be had at 93, each,

Folio, half-bound boards, India Proofs, 21s. Blake (William):

Etchings from his Works. By W.B. Scott, With descriptive Text. ~ Crown Svo, cloth extrs, gilt, with Illustrations, 7s, 6d, Boccaccio's Decameron;

or, Ten ings. Entertainment, Translated into with an Intro duction by THOMAS Wricut, Esq., M.A., F.S.A, Portrait, and STOTHARD's beautiful Copperplates, Demy 8vo, Illustrated, 'uniform in size for binding.

Blackburn' s (Henry) Art Handbooks: Academy Notes,1875. With 40 Illustrations, 14. Academy Notes,1876. With 107 Illustrations, ty, Academy Notes, 1877. With 143 Illustrations. 1. Academy Notes, 1878. With 150 Illustrations. 1, Academy Notes, 1879. With 146 Illustrations, 1s. Academy Notes, 1880. With 126 Illustrations 15. Academy Notes, 1881. With 128 Illustrations. 1s. Grosvenor Notes,1878. With 68 Illustrations. ry. Grosvenor Notes, 1879. With 60 Illustrations. 15, Grosvenor Notea, 1880, With 56 Illustrations. 15, Grosvenor Notes, 1881. With 74 Illustrations. 15.

Pictures at the Paris Exhibition, 1878. 80 Illustrations, is. Pictures at South Kensington. With 7o Illustrations. 1s. The English Picturesat the National Gallery, 114 Illusts. 1s. The Old Masters at the National Gallery. 128 Illusts. 1s. 6¢. Academy Notes, 1875-79. Complete in One * copa with nearly Goo Ifustrations in Facsimile. my Svo, cloth limp, 6s A Complete Tllustrated Catalogue to the National Gallery. With Notes by H. Buacknunn, and 242 Ilhests. Demy $vo, cloth limp, 3s. UNIFORM WITH "ACADEMY NOTES," Royal Scottish Academy Notez, 1875. 117 Illustrations. rs, Royal Scottish Academy Notes, 1879. 125 Illustrations, ts, Royal Scottish Academy Notes, 1880. 114 Illustrations, 1, Royal Scottish Academy Notes,1381. 104 Illustrations, ts, Glasgow Institute of Pine Arts Notes, 1878. 95 Illusts, us, Glasgow Inatitute of Fine Arts Notes, 1879. 100 Iilusts, Is. Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts Notes, 1880. 120 Illusts. 1s, Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts Notes, 1881. 108 Illusts. 1%. Walker Art Gallery Notes, Liverpool, 1878. 112 Illusts. 1s. Walker Art Gallery Notes, Liverpool, 1879. roo Illusts. rr, Walker Art Gallery Notes, Liverpool, 1880. roo Illusts. rs. Royal Manchester Institution Notes, 18'78, 88 Illustrations. 1s, Society of Artists Notes, Birmingham, 1878. 95 Illusts, ts. Children of the Great Gity. By F. W. Lawson. 1s.

Bowers' (G.} Hunting Sketches:

Canters in Sore By G, Bowers, I. Gallops from

Gorseboron: If, Scrambles vith Scratch Packs. IIL, Studies with Stag Hou Oblong 4to, half-bound boards, ars.

Leaves from a Hunting Journal. By G, Bowers, Coloured in facsimile of the originals. OViong: 4to, half-bound, 2th

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 73. 6,

Brand's Observations on Popular Antiquities chiefly Illustrating the Origin of our Vulgar Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions. With the Additions of Sir Henry ELuis, An entirely New and Revised Edition, with fine full-page Illustrations, Bret Harte, Works by:

Bret Harte's Collected Works. Arranged and Revised by the Author. Complete in Five Vols., crown &vo, cloth extra, 6s. each VoL 1. Comp.err Portican anp Dramatic Woxxs, With Steel Plate Portrait, and an Introduction by the Author.

Vol I. Eancine Parexs—Lock op Roarino Camp, and other Sketches —Bonemtan Parexs—Sranisu and American Lecenps,

Vol. JU1. Tanes or THe AnconauTs—EAsSTeRn Sxurcnes.

Vol, IV. Gasrtet Conroy,

Vol. V. Stontes—Conversep Novats, &c.

The Select Works of Bret Harte, in Prose and Poetry. With Introductory Essay by J. M. Betinw,—of the Author, and 50 Illustrations. Crown Bvo, cloth extra, 74. Ga.

An Heiress of Red Dog, and other Stories. By Baer Harte. Post @vo, illustrated hoards, 2s.; cloth limp, as, 6d,

The Twins of Table Mountain. By Barr Hartz. Feap. 8vo, picture cover, rs, } Crown Bvo, cloth extra, 35.

The Luck of Roaring Camp, and other Sketches. By Bret Harte. Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s,

Jeff Briggs's Love Story. By Brer HARrTE. Feap. $vo, picture

Cover, £2. 5 cloth pxtes, 2s. Gas ee

Small crown 8yo, cloth extra, gilt, with full-page Portralts, 45. qs. 6d, Brewster's (Sir David) Martyrs of Science.

~~ Small crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with Astronomical Plates, 45 '6d,

Brewster's (Sir D.) More Worlds than One, the Creed of the Philosopher and the Hope of the Christian.

A HANDSOME GIFT-BOOK.—Small gto, cloth extra, 6s.


Ty T. BucWANAN READ. [Illustrated from Designs by FREDERICK DIELMAR.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6y.

Buchanan.—Ballads of Life, Love & Humour. By Ropert BUCHANAN, Author | of " God and the Man," &c.

THE STOTHARD BUNYAN.—Crown 8v0, cloth extra, gilt, 75. 6d.

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Edited by Rev, T. Scorr. With 17 beautiful Steel Plates by STOTHARD,, engraved by GOODALL; and numerous Woodcuts.

Demy 8vo, cloth extra, 7s, 62.

Burton' s Anatomy of Melancholy: 7 A New Edition, complete, corrected and enriched by Translations of the Classical Extracts. Crown &vo, cloth extra, gilt, with iilustrations, 7s. 6d, Byron's Letters and Journals.

With Notices of his Life. teed TrHoMAS Moore, A 'oo of the Original Edition, newly revi with Twelve full-page Plates, Demy &vo, cloth extra, 14, Campbell's (Sir G.) White and Black:

vels in the United States. By Sir Grorce Campsstt, M. i

Demy 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 75. 6d.

Caravan Route (The) between Egypt and

Syria. By His Imperial and Royal Highness the ARCHDUKE LUDWIG

___ SALVATOR of AusTRIA. With 23 full-page Illustrations by the Author, Post 8vo, cloth extra, rs, 6d,

Carlyle (Thomas) On the Choice of Books. With a Life of the Author by R, H. SHEPHERD. Entirely New and Revised Edition, 7 ae a

Two Vols., demy 8vo, cloth extra, 215.

Cavalry Life;

Or, Sketches and Stories in Barracks and Out. Py J. S. WINTER. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 75. 62.

Century (A) of Dishonour: A Sketeh of the United States Government's Dealings with some of Seren tres, Sree Crown 8¥o, cloth extra, with [lustrations, 7s. 6a.

Chap-Books.—A History of the Chap-Books

of the Eighteenth Century. By Jolin Aston. With nearly 400

Ihastrations, engraved in facsimile of the originals, [Ja the press.

  • ,* A few Large-Paper copies will be carefully printed on hand-made paper, for which early application should be made,

Large 4to, half-bound, profusely Nlustrated, 28+,

Chatto and Jackson.—A Treatise on Wood

wing Historical and Practical. By WILLIAMANDREW CHATTO and JOHN JACKSON, With an Additional Chapter by Henry G. Bown; and 450 fine Illustrations. A reprint of the last Revised Edition.

Small gto, cloth gilt, with Coloured Iustrations, 10s. 6d, Chaucer for Children:

A Golden Key. By Mrs, H. R, Havweis. With Eight Coloured Pictures and numerous Woodcuts by the Author,

Demy 3vo, cloth limp, 2s. 6d. Chaucer for Schools. __By Mrs. Hawes, Author of 't Chaucer for Children."' Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 71, 6d. Colman's Humorous Works:

  • Broad Grins," '* My Nightgown and Slippers," and other Muimorout

Works, Prose and Poetical, of GEORGE COLMAN, With Life by G, B, BockstTons, and Frontispiece by HOGARTH. rar Post avo, cloth limp, 2s. 6¢. Convalescent Cookery:

A Family Handbook, By CaTHerine RyAn. " Full of sound sense and useful hints." —Saturpay Review.

Gon wes (Moncure D.), Works by: monology and Devil-Lore. By Moncure D. Conway, © Vols., royal Svo, with 6s Mustrations, 23s, A Meeklace of Stories. By Moncurz D, Conway, M.A. Illustrated by W. J. Haxsessy. Square 8vo, cloth extra, és, The Wandering Jew. Ey MoncuneD. Conway, M.A, Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s Thomas Carlyle: Letters and Recollections. By Moncure D. Conwav, M.A. With Iflustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 63, Two Vols,, crown 8vo, cloth extra, ars,

Cook (Dutton)._Hours with the Players. By Dutton Cook. " Mr. Dution Cook kas more dramatic lore es isk writer, and Ais style iz abways easy avd pleasant, . . « 5 all cath eon tee feeling for the stage the book will prowe delight/ut reading." *_"Wortn.

Post 8vo, cloth lim

2s. 6d. Copyright.—A Handbook « of English and

Foreign Copyright in Literary and Dramatic Works, By Sipwry JERROLD, of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, " Till the time arrives when copyricht shail be #0 simple and go uniform that ii can be gencraily understood and enjoyd, suck a handbook as this will Arove of great valine, If is correct as well as concise, amd gives just the kind and quantity x. information desired dy sersous who ave ignorant sii snéject, and tern fa it oy information and guidauce."—ATHEN ZUM.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 78. as

Cornwall.—Popular Romances of the West of England; or, The Drolls, Traditions, and Superstitions Pe Old Cornwall, Collected and Edited by Ronert Hunt, F.R.S. New and Revised Edition, with Additions,and Two Steel-plate Illustrations by Grorce CRUIKSHANE. res ee.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with 13 Portraits, 7s. 6d.

Creasy's Memoirs of Eminent Etonians; with Notices of the Early History of Eton College. By Sir Eowarp ___ Creasy, Author of '* The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World."

Crown Svo, clath extra, with Etched Frontispiece, 7s. 6a,

Credulities, Past and Present.

By Wintam Jones, F.S.A., Author of '* Finger-Ring Lore," &c. Crown 8yo, cloth extra, 6s. Crimes and Punishments.

Including a New Translation of Beccaria's Dei Delittl ¢ delle Pene." By JAMES ANSON FARRER, Crown 8vo, Goth gilt, Two very thick Volumes 73. 6. each,

Cruikshank's Comic Almanack, eee Ero es The First per 1835 to 1843; the SECOND from 1844 to 1853. <A Gathering of the Best Humour of THACKERAY, Hoop, MayHew, ALBERT SorH, A'BECKETT, Rosert Broucn, &c. With 2,000 Woodcuts and Steel Engravings by CRUIKSHANE, Hue, LANDELLS, &e.

Two Vols.. crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Iitustrations, 2 245,

Cruikshank (The Life of George). In Two Epochs. By BLANCHARD JERROLD, Author of The Life of Napoleon III,," &c. With numerous Illustrations, and a List of his Works. [/n the press.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6¢.

Cussans.—Handbook of Heraldry;

with Instructions for Tracing Pedigreesand Deciphering Ancient MSS. &e. By JoHN £. CussAns. Entirely New and Revised Edition. Illustrated with over goo Plates and Woodcuts. [fn the press.

Two Vok., demy handsomely bound in half-morocco, gilt, profusely Illustrated with Coloured and Plain Plates and Woodcuts, price £7 73.

Cyclopedia of Costume; or, A Dictionary of Dress—Regal, Eeclestastical, Civil, and Military— from the Earliest Period in England to the reign of George the Third: Including Notices of Contemporancous Fashions on the Continent, and a General History of the Costumes of the Principal Countries cf Europe. By J. R. PLANCHG, Somerset Herald. The Volumes may also be had seferately (each Complete in itself)at £3 ras,6d. exch; Vol. L. THE DICTIONARY. Vol. I. A GENERAL HISTORY OF COSTUME IN EUROPE. Also in 25 Parts, at ss. each. Cases for binding, 5s, each,

"Ae —— and highly valuable book of reference, We have rarely to find in this an account of ar article of dress, while in most of the entries fe acheps ye instructive details are given. . . . Mr. Planch®s

enormont Production of a text whick, whether in its dictionary form or in that 4 the General History, it twithin its intended scope imimeaswrad! the best and rickest werk on Costume in English, . 4 . This book is not only one of the most readable works of the kind, but intrinsically attractrve and amusing." —ATHEN AUS.

"A most vtadable and interesting work—and if can scarcely be consdited tm pain, wee es the oe. it in search Sor ares, _ ae Ete court, rin tt ie he c int and mest af wares eet Wivstrations the latter Be fo several thaneanale are very elaborately executed; and the work forms a livre de luxe which rssders it equally suited to the brary and the ladies draseing-roons."—Trues,

Entirely New Edition, crown &vo, cloth extra, Illustrated, 7s. 6.

Doran's Memories of our Great. Towns. With Anecdotic Gleanings concerning their Worthies and their Oddities, By Dr. JouN Doran, F.S.A, With nearly ie Minstrations. the press Two Vols., crown 8vo, cloth extra, ars.

Drury Lane, Old: Fifty Years' Recollections of Author, Actor, and Manager. By EDWARD STIRLING.

Demy 8vo, cloth, 16s,

Dutt's India, Past and Present; with Minor Ss be Cognate Subjects. By SHOSHEE CHUNDER

Crown 8vo, cloth boards, 65. per Volume, Early English Poets.

Edited, with Introductions and Annotations, by Rev, A, B. GRosART,

1. Fletcher's(Giles,B.D.)Com- 3. Herrick's (Robert) Hegperi ete Poems: Christ's Victorie in des, Noble Nambers, and Complete

eaven, Christ's Victorie on Earth, Collected Poems. With Memorial Christ's Triumph over Death, and Introduction and Notes, Steel Por Minor Poems. With Memorial-In- Lines, and troduction and Notes. One Vol. -—-Glossarial Index,&c, Three Vols.

2. Davies' (Sir John) Complete 4. Sidney's (Sir Philip) Com Poetical Works, including Psalms I. plete Poetical Works, Inchiding all

to Verse, and other hitherto those in "* * 'With Portrait,

Unpublished MSS., for the first time

Col and Edited. Memorial Introduction and Notes. Two Vols. Three Vol

Crown Sve, cloth extra, gilt, with Illustrations, 6s,

Emanuel On Diamonds and Precious

Stones; their History, Value, and Properties; with Simple Tests for ascertaining their Reality. By HARRkY EMANUEL, F.R.G.S, With numerous [ilustrations, Tinted and Plain.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with [Wustrations, 75, 6d.

Englishman's House, The: A Practical Guide to all interested in Selecting or Building a House, with fuil Estimates of Cost, Quantities, &c. C, J. RICHARDSON, Third Edition, With nearly Goo Illustrations.

i i g

F q Si

i B m i

Crown Svo, cloth extra, with nearly 300 Illustrations, 7s. 6¢.

Evolution, Chapters on; A Popular History of the Darwinian and Allied Theories of Developcoe ae ANDREW Witson, Ph.D., F.R.S. Edin, &c, (/x preperation.

Crown §vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 6s,

Fairholt's Tobacco: Its History and Associations; with an Account of the Plant and its Manufacture, and its Modes of Use in all Ages and Countries. FP. W. FarrHo7t, F.S,A, With Coloured Frontispiece and of 100 Illustrations by the Author, Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. Familiar Allusions: A Handbook of Miscellaneous Information; including the Names of Celebrated Statues, Paintings, Palaces, Country Seats, Ruins, Churches, Ships, Streets, Clubs, Natural Curiosities, and the ke. By WILLIAM A, WHEELER, Author of Noted Names of Fiction; and CHARLES G, WHEELER, (in the press.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 45. 6d,

Faraday's Chemical History of a Candle,

Lectures delivered eee Audience, A New Editlon. Edited by W. Crookes, B.C, With numerous [ustrations,

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, q:. 6¢,

Faraday's Various Forces of Nature. New Edition. Edited byW. Crooxes, F.C,S, Numerous Illustrations.

Crown 8yo, cloth extra, with Llustrations, 73. Od. Pinger Ring Lore: ndary, and Anecdotal, By Wat. Jonas, F.S.A. With Handreds of Tllustrations of Curious Rings of all Ages and Countrics.

"One of those gossiping books which are as full of amutement as of initirweHon." ATHENAUM.

Two Vols,, crown Bv0, cloth extra, 215.

Fitzgerald.—Recreations of a Literary Man; or, Does Writing Pay? With Recollections of some Literary Men, and a View of a Literary Man's Working Life. By Percy FrtzGERALD, | fa preparation.

Gardening Books:

A Year's Work in Garden and Greenhouse: Practical Advice to Amateur Gardeners as to the Management of the Flower, Fruit, and Frame Garden. By Grorct Gusxxyv. Post fvo, cloth limp, 2s, 6d,

Our Kitchen Garden; The Plants we Grow, and How we Cook Them. By 'low Jzrnocp, Author of '*The Garden that Paid the Rent," &c. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s.

Household Horticulture: A Gossip about Flowers, By Tom and Janz Jekeoup. Illustrated. Post vo, clouh limp, 2s. 6.

My Garden Wild, and What I Grew there. By FRAnNcis Grorce Heart,—Crom Svo, cloth extra, 5s.

One Shiiling Monihly.

Gentleman's Magazine (The) for 1882. sy JANvARY Number of this Periodical contained the First Chapters a New Serial Story, entitled " Dust," by io HAWTHORNE, eee of "Garth," &c, "Scienco Notes," by W., Matrieu WILLIAMS, F.R. AS, will also be continued monthly.

  • " Now ready, the Volume for JOLY to DECEMBER, 1881, cloth extra, price 8s. 6d.; and Cases for binding, price 25. each, THE RUSKIN GRIMM,.—Square 8vo, cl. ex., 6s. 6d.; gilt edges, 75. 6d, German Popular Stories.

Collected Edited with an Introduction by es the inimitable designs o m " The illustrations of this volume « art, of a class precise Shey illustrate; and t

by the Brothers Grim, and Translated

are of faraiiel in elevation te fo the ee original etchings, as f have before said in the Appendix ta 'uluess of towehs

EnGAar TAYLOR, OHN RUSKIN. th 22 Ilustrations EORGE CRUIKSHANK, Both Series

a and admirable the tales which

wy " Elements of Drawing,' were sen in masterfs since Rem brandt (in some qualities of delineation, antialed even by him). . . . Tomake

= a copies af them, looking at thems ti @ ma: glass, ting twe lines where Cruikshank kas pul only one, wow an exer

a tn don ition and severe drawing which would leave afterwards little to he dearnt

tn schools." —Extract from Introduction by Joun Ruskin,

Square 16mo {Tauchnitz size), cloth extra, 2s. per volume,

Golden Library, The: Ballad History of England. Ey

W. C. Banxerr,

Bayard bl a Diversions of the Echo Ch

Byron's Den 'Juan.

Wmcricn's Letters and Social

Godwin's (William) Lives of the Necromancers.

@Zolmes's Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. With an Introducdou by G. A. Sata.

Holmos's Professor at the Breakfast Table,

Hood's Whims and Oddities. Complete. With all the original fllustrations.

Irving's eee Talos of a Traveller.

oe 3 g's (Washington) Tales of

dense (3 (Eavard) Scenes and Occupations of Country Life,

Lamb's Essays of Elia. Both Serics Complete ia One Vol,

Leigh Hunt's Essays: A Tale for a Chimney Corner, and other Pieces. With Portrait, and Introducton by Eomunp Outten.

| Pascal's Provincial Letters. A

New Translation, with Historical Introduction and Notes, by T. M'Care,

D, Pope' 3 Poetical Works. Com: plete Rochefoucauld's Maxims and i hr et With Notes, and - ae Essay by Samra eullVE.

St. Pierre's Paul and Virginia, and The Indian Cottage. Edited, with Life, by the Rev. E, Cranks,

Shelley's Early Poems, and

ween Mab, with Essay by Laicu uNT.

Shelley's Later Poems; Laon aad Cythna, &c.

Shelley's Posthumous Poems, the Shelley Papers, &c.

Shelley's Prose Works, including A Refutation of Deism, Zastrozzi, St. Tevyne, &e,

ae Natural a of =

Edited, wil ad Brown, Fis

Crown avo, cloth gilt and gilt ed, Golden Treasury of Thought, The:

An ENCYCLOPEDIA OF aon from Writers of all Times and

Countries, Selected and Edited

by THEODORE TAYLOR. Post 8vo, cloth limp, as. 6¢,

G 's A Year's Work in Garden and

Practical Advice to Amateur Gardeners as to the Management of the Flower, Fruit, and Frame Garden. By GeorGr GLENnyY.

"A tion, Mintel allNeieat for a Seter ewilaeos aman

New and Cheaper Edition, demy 8vo, cloth extra, with Ihistrations, 75. 6d. Greeks and Romans, The Life of the,

Described from Antique Monuments. By Ernst Gumi and W, . Koner. Translated from the Third German Edition, and Edited by Dr. F. HUEFFER. With 545 Illustrations.

"Must find a place, mot only upon the scholars shelves, but in every well: chosen library of art,"—Dany News.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with Illustrations, 41, 6d.

Coe Earth and Man; or, Physical Geography in its Relation to the History of Mankina, With 'Additions by Professors AGASSIZ, PiERCE, and Gzay: 12 Maps and Engravings on Steel, some Coloured, and copious Index.

Crown 8vo, 1,

Hair (The): Its Treatment in Health, Weakness, and Disease. Translated from the German of Dr, 'J Pincus, of Beriin. [/x in the Prest.

Hake (Dr. Thomas Gordon), Poems by: Maiden Eostasy. Small gto, cloth extra, 8s. New Symbols. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 65, Legends is of the Morrow. Crown Byo, ¢ cloth | extra, 6s.

Two Vols., crown Svo, cloth extra, r2s.

Half-Hours with Foreign Novelists. With Notices of their Lives and Writings. By Heten and Arice . ZiIMMERN. A New Edition.

Medium 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with Illustrations, 7s, 62.

Hall's(Mrs. 8. C,)Sketches ofIrish Character,

With numerous Illustrations on Stecl and Wood by MAcLiss, GitBERT, HARVEY, and G. CkllIKSHANKE. "The Irish Sketches of this lacy resemble Bliss Mitford's beautiful English shetches in * Our Village,' but they are far more vigorous and picturetque ane bright."—Brackwoon's BAGAzinE.

Crown vo, cloth extra, 55,

Heath (F. G.\—My Garden Wild,

And What I Grew there. By Francts GrorGe HATH, Author of "The Fern World," &c, Haweis (Mrs.), Works by:

The Art of Dress. By Mrs. H. R. Hawets. Illustrated by the Author. Small Bvo, illustrated cover, rs.; cloth limp, 15. 6¢,

"A wellconsideved attempt to apply canons of good taste to the costumes af ladies of owr time. . . 5 « irs. Haweis writes frankly and to the point, she does not mince matters, but doldly remonstrates with her own sex on the follies they induige in. « 6 5 « '¢ may recommend the book ta the ladies whom it concerns,"—ATHEN UM,

The Art of Beauty. By Mrs. H. R. HAweis. Square Svo, cloth extra, gilt, gilt edges, with Coloured Frontispiece and nearly roo IMustrations, es, Od.

The Art of Decoration. oe Mrs, H. R. Hawes. Square Syo, handsomely bound and profusely Mustrated, sos, 6a.

  • ,* See afro CHAUCER, A. 5 of this Catalogue, SPRCIMENS OF MODERN POETS.—Crown ro, cloth extra, 6s, Heptalogia (The); or, The Seven against Sense.

A Cap with Seven Bells,

"The merits of the Sook cannot be fairly estimated by means of afew extracts; it thoudd be read at lengiht to be appreciated properly, and, im our opinion, itt serits entitle it to be very widely read indeed."—StT. James's GAZETTE.

Cr, 8vo, bound in parchment, 3:,; Large-Paper copies (only 50 printed), rss, Herbert.—The Poems of Lord Herbert of Cherbury. Edited, with an Introduction, by J. CHURTON COLLINS. Complete in Four Vols,, demy 8vo, cloth extra, 12s, each,

History of Our Own Times, from the Accession

of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880. By Justin McCartny, M,P,

"Criticisms is disarmed before a composition whick provekes little Sut approval, This it a really good book on a really interesting subject, amd words piled on words say no more for it,""— SATURDAY Review.

New Work by the Author of " A HISTORY of OUR OWN TIMES," Four Vols. demy 8vo, cloth extra, ras, each,

History of the Four Georges.

By Justin McCarriuy, M.P. (/n preparation,

Crown 8vo, cloth limp, with Illustrations, 2s. 6¢.

Holmes's The Science of Voice Production

and Voice Preservation: A Popular Manual for the Use of Speakers and Singers. By Gorvon Homes, L.R,C,P.E,

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, pilt, 73. 6d,

Hood's (Thomas) Choice Works,

In Prose and Verse, Including the Cntam oF THE Comic ANNUALS, With Life of the Author, Portrait, and Two Hundred Illustrations, ware crown 8yo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 6s,

Hood's (Tom) From Nowhere to the North Pole: A Noah's Arkwslogical Narrative. With 25 Illustrations by

Ww, BRUNTON and E, C. BARNES. " The aneusing letterpres " ed weit 7 ees nae hen ne ew, Mate brine ed Bo nt

justice to the writer's meaning, and a ee. result of the harmonious + Operation of author and artest could wot he desired," —Times. '

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 73 gilt, 75, 6d,

Hook's (Theodore) Choice Humorous Works, including his Ludicrous Adventures, Bons-mots, Puns, and Hoaxes: ___ With a new Life of the Author, | Portraits,! Facsimniles, and [llustrations,

~ Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s Horne' s Orion: o Epic Poem in Three Books. By RicHarp Henarst Horna, With a brief Commentary by the Author. With Photographic Portrait from a Medallion by SUMMERS, Tenth Edition.

Crown yo, cloth extra, 75. 6d,

Howell's Conflicts of Capital and Labour vc amg f and Economically considered. Being a History and Review of the Trade Unions of Great Britain, showing their Origin, Constitution, and Objects, in their Political, Social, Economical, and Industrial Aapedts. By Grorcr Howe,

" This book ts an atiemipt, and on the whale a swccesifut woes fe *€ work si trade unions in the past, and their objects in the future, fai Le he Public from th the marine man 's foint oft view."—Patt MALL Gaswrene

oa Demy 8yo, cloth extra, 12s, 6d,

Hueffer's The Troubadours: A History of Provencal Life and Literature in the Middle Ages. Py FRANCIS HUEFFER.

' Crown Bvo, cloth extra, 4, Gs, Janvier.—Practical Keramics for Students.


Wi be found a useful han tiost by those who wisk to try the manufacture ap deat of pottery, and may be stutied by ai! who desire to know something

ef the art." —Mornine Post. '- S ANew EDITION, Revised and partly Re- written, with several New eee Tilustrations, crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d,

Je's' The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries, With Chapters on the Ancient Fire and

oar Worshippers. By HagGgave Jennincs, With Five tulland upwards of 300 Illustrations,

cae Vols. 8 8y0, with 52 [lustrations and Maps, cloth 'extra, gilt, 14se

Josephus, The Complete Works of.

'Translated by WutsTon. Containing both '* The Antiquities of the Jews " and "The Wars of the Jews." Jerrold (Tom), Works by:

Household Horticulture: A Gossip about Flowers. By Tom and Jane Jexxo.y, Illustrated, Post 8vo, cloth limp, 23,6d. Our Kitchen Garden: The Plants we Grow, and How we Cook Them. By Tom Jerroup, Author of "The Garden that Paid the Rent,'* &c. Post 8vo, cloth limp, as. 6a. " The combination of hints oohery with garde —? carried out, ane 22 vic & in ilevedin phat yn ferems hy A Mr. Ferreld ii ts correct wg saying that yin, Server Hop oo ch not make half the use ef vevetables they might; as mang ose cant be and so obtained Fresh, wih, he i it doing a great i fe make them more fopudar. "—Daity CHRONICLE.

Small 8vo, cloth, full gilt, gilt edges, with Tlustrations, 6s.

Kavanaghs' Pearl Fountain,

And other Fairy Storics. By BRIDGET and JULIA KAVANAGH. With

Thirty Illustrations by J. MOvR SMITH.

" Genuine new tories of the old t some of them as delightful asthe task crim er connes Popular Stories'. « 0 ee teamed able tar stories as right, thorough going fairy stories of the most admirable kind,

aad Boyr Smith t iGiustrations, too, are admirable."—SpPECTATOR.

Square 8vo, cloth extra, with Mlustrations, 6s.

Knight (The) and the Dwarf.

By CHARLES MILLS. With numerous Illustrations by THOMAS LinbsAy.

Crown 8¥0, illustrated be boards, with numerous Plates, as. 6d.

Lace (Old Point), and How to Copy and

Imitate it, By Daisy WATERHOUSE Hawkins, With 17 Ilustrations by the Author.

Crown 8yo, cloth extra, gilt, with Portraits, 7.6

Lamb's Complete Works,

In Prose and Verse, reprinted from the Original Editions, with many Pieces hitherto unpublished. Edited, with Notes and Introduction, by R.H, SHEPHERD. With Two Portraits and Facsimile of a Page of the " Essay on Roast Pig."

"A compicte edition of Land's writings, in prose and apes hat long deen wanted, and fz now supplied, The editor appears to have t grtat pains we bring together Lams's scattered contributions, and Aw PA rere ah ji contams @ number of pieces which are now reproduced for the first time since their original appearance in various old Periodicals." —SatuRna¥ Review.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous [ljustrations, tos, 6d.

Lamb (Mary and Charles): 'Their Poems, Letters, and Remains. With Reminiscences and by W. Carew Hazuitt. With HANcock's Portralt of the iting Factimiles of the 'Title- of the rare First Edidons of Lamb's and Coleridge's Works, numerous Illustrations,

" Very many passages will delight these fond of literary trifles; soree ano any portion wxinrattin' inierest for to of Charles Leosband hes sister," STAM Small 8vo, cloth extra, 5s.

Lamb's Poetry for Children, and Prince Dorus, Carefully Reprinted from unique copies. " The quaint and delight/ul littie book, over the recovery of whick all the Acart of his lovers are yet warm with rejoicing. —A. C. Swinevank

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 65,

Lares and Penates; Or, The Background of Life. By Frorencr Cappy,

  • The whole book is well worth pending, for it is full of practical suggestions.

+e « We hope nobody will be deterred from taking up a book wiich teaches a

good deal about suvetening poor lives ax well as giving grace to wealthy ones.—PHIC.

Crown 8vo, cioth, fuil gilt, 6s.

Leigh's A Town Garland. By Henry §. Leiou, Author of Carols of Cockayne."

"If Mr, Leigh's verse survive to a future gencration—and there is so reajon

that honour should nat be accorded productions so delicate, 5¢ finished, and ro

full of humour—their author will probably be remembered as the Poet of the Strand."—ATHEXAUM.

SECOND EptT10x.—Crown &vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 6.

s = . . . Leisure-Time Studies, chiefly Biological. AnpRrEw Wiison, F.R,S.E., Lecturer on Zoology and Compara. tive Anatomy in the Edinburgh Medical School.

"Tt is well when we can take up the work of a really gualified investigation who in the intervals of kis more serrowt Srofestional labours sets Aimmself to inepart Enomledge in such a simple and elementary forin as may atiract and instruct, with ne danger of misieading the tyro in matural science. Such a work is this Bittle volume, made up of essays and addresses written and delivered by Dr. Andrew Wilson, lecturer and examiner in science at Edinburgh and Glasgow, at leisure intervals in a busy professional iife, . . . Dr, Wilson's pages teem wit hk matter stimulating to a healthy lowe of science and a reverence for the truths of nature.""—SATURDAY Ravinw,

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 7s. 6d.

Life in London; or, The History of Jerry Hawthorn and Corinthian Tom, With the whole of CRUiKSHAN&'s Illustrations, in Colours, after the Originals

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s,

Lights on the Way: Tales within a Tale. the late J. H. ALEXANDER, B.A, Edited, with an Explanatory Note, by H, A, Pace, Author of

    • Thoreau: A Study,"

Crown vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 7s. 62,

Longfellow's Complete Prose Works. In 'Outre Mer," '* Hyperion," " Kavanagh," 'The Poets and Poetry of Europe," and ' Driftwood." With Portrait and Ilastrations by VALENTINE BROMLEY. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with Mlustrations, 7s. 6d,

Longfellow's Poetical Works.

Carefully Reprinted from the Original Editions, With numerous fine Mustrations on Steel and Wood,

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 5s.

Lunatic Asylum, My Experiences in a.


" The story is clever and interesting, sad beyond measure though the subject de. There it no pertonal bitterness, and no vielence or anger. WThatecer map have been the evidence for our author's madness when he was was pear atylum, nothing can be clearer than hit sanity when he wrote this pa i briyét, calm, and to the point,"—Srecraror.

Demy 8vo, with Fourteen full-page Plates, cloth boards, 185,

Lusiad (The) of-Camoens.

'Translated Into English Spenserian verse by ROFERT FFRENCH Durr, Knight Commander of the Portuguese Royal Order of Christ.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s, 6d.

Maclise Gallery (The) of Illustrious Literary Characters: 84 fine Portraits, with Descriptive Text, Anecdotal and Biographical, By WiLLtaM IaTES, BAL [en in preparation,

Handsomely printed in facsimile, price 5s,

Magna Charta. An exact Facsimile of the Original Document In the British Museum,

printed on fine plate paper, nearly a feet ae by 2 feet wide, with the Arms and Seals emblazoned in Go}

Mallock's (W. HB.) Works:;

Is Life Worth Living? By Winttam Hurrett MALtiock, New Edition, crown Bvo, cloth extra, fs.

"This dechly interesting volume. . » + « It is the mou powerful vin ditation of reiigion, doth natural and revealed, that has appeared tince Bishog Sutter wrote, and is ntnck wore weefted than tither the Analogy or the S. ae ere

that great divine, asa refutation of Ipeopbe ahtton form: assumed by the 1 infidelity of the preventday. . . «4 + Deeply Philosophical as the book is, there it mola heavy fage in it. The writer is * possessed,' 0 to speak, wrth Ais great sudject, has sounded its depths, surveyed it in all its extent, and brougét to bear on it all the resources of a vivid, rich, and style, as wellas an adeguate—waintance with the science, the 4 and the Literature of the day," ~12aisn Dain.y News, The Now Republic; or, Culture, Faith, and hy in an English Country House. By W. H. Matnock. Post Sve, cloth 2s. 6d, The New Paul and Virginia; or, Positivism on an Teland, By W. H. Mattock, Post fvo, cloth limp, as. 6,

Poems, By W. H. MALLocK. Small 4to, bound in parchment, 8s,

A Romance of the Nineteenth Century. By W, H. MALLock, Second Edition, witha Preface. Two Vols., crown 8vo, 214. Macquoid (Mrs.), Works by:

In the Ardennes. By KAtTHArine S. MAcovoip. With 50 Gne Ilustrations by THomas R. Macgvorm. Uniform with " Pictures and Legends." Square éva, cloth extra, tor, 6a,

" This it another ef Mrs. Macguord's pleasant books of travel, full,

Hon, of picturesque descriptions of tcenery, or of ae phen don respecting the turiout monument: and ruins which she encounters in her tour... Zo suckof our readers as are already thinking about the year't holiday, we stro: Bema the ets irs. Macguoid' s experiences, The So0k is well 1 rated éy Mr. Thomas R. Macgusid.""—Grarnic, Pictures and Legends from Normandy and Brittany. By

KatHanty# S. Macqvoto. With numerous Mlustrations by Tuomas R. Macgvorn, Square Svo, cloth gilt, ros. Gd,

Through Normandy. By KarHARINE S, Macgvoiw. With ge Iustrations by T. R. Macquor, Square 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 62, "One we ew Sook: whick cam be read at a piece of Kterature, whiltt at the same time handy in the Snapsack,""—Eeitisn Quantse.y Ravinw.

Through Brittany. By KaAruarine S. Macguorp. With numerous Illustrations by T, R, Macquom. Sq. 8vo, cloth extra, 72. 6a. "' The pleasant companionship which Mr. Macguoid offers, while wandering from one point opinterest to another, seems to throw a renewed charm around eack oft-depicted scene.'—Mornxinc Post.

Mark Twain's Works:

The Choice Works of Mark Twain. Revised and Corrected throughout by the Author. With Life, Portrait, and somerous Ibbustratons, Crown évo, cloth extra, 75, Ga.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. By MARK Twain. With soo [Mustrations. Small vo, cloth extra, 7s.6¢, Chaar Eprtion, illustrated

s, 25,

A Pleasure Trip on the Continent of Europe: The Innocents Abroad, and The New Pilgrim's Progress; By Manx Twain. Post vo, illustrated boards, 25,

An Idle Excursion, and other Sketches. By Mark TWAIN. Post Svo, illustrated boards, 27,

The Prince and the Pauper. By Mark Twain. With nearly zoo Mlustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. Uniform with "A Tramp Abroad,"

The Innocents Abroad; or, The New Pilgrim's Progress: Teing some Account of the Steamship '* Quaker City's" Pleasure Excursion to Europe and the Holy Land, with descriptions of Countries, Nations, Incidents, and Adventures, as they appeared to the Author, With 214 Dhustrations, By Mank Twatw, Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. Uniform wath A Tramp Abroad."

A Tramp Abroad. By Marx Twarn, With 314 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

" The and tenderness of the conception, of which no living man but

Mark wn is capable, it: grace and fantasy and slyness, the wonderful


Gin her, animals that 1 manifest in every line, make of atl this episode of

her and his jays a plece of werk that ta not only delightful as mere reading, but also of a high degree of merit as literature. . . . The book is fell Pf ged things, and contains Pasiages and episodes that are equal to the funniest of those that have gone before,' —ATHENAUM, Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2+. 6¢, per volume, Mayfair Library, The:

The New Republic, By W. H. MALLOck.

The New Paul and Virginia. By W. H. Mattock.

Tho True History of Joshua Davidson. By E, Less Linton.

OldStoriesRe-told, By WALTER THorssoury,

Thoreau: His Life and Aims.

By H. A. Pace. = an and Sea, By Wit Jouxd' Esprit Edited by Henry S. Luc,

Punians, By the Hon. Hueu | Row ey.

More Puniana, By the Hon. Hucn Rowtey.


The Speeches of Charlies Dickens.

Muses of Mayfair. Edited by H. Crotmonnatav-Pennext.

Gastronomy as 3 Fine Art, By Britcat-Savagin.

The Philosophy of Handwriting. By Don Feitx o& SacaMANCA.

Curiosities of Criticlam. By Henry J. Jasnincs.

Literary Frivolities, Fancies, Follies, Frolics. By W. T, Donson,

Poetical Ingenuities and Fiecentrictties. Selected and Edited by W. T, Donson.

Pencil and Palette. By Rovert Kemer.

Latter-Day Lyrics. Edited by W. Davenrort Adams,

"." Other Volumes are in preparation,

al Plays by W. S. GiContaining:

sext. Fiest Saares. icked

Galatea —Charity—The Princess— The Palace of Truth—Trial by Jury. Plays by W. 6 Ginext, Seconn Series, Con! Broken Hearts—Engage:

hearts—Dan'l Tom Cobb—The Sorcerer—H.M.S.

Pinafore—The Pirates of Penzance,

Carols of Cockayne. By HaNay S. Larant,

The Book of Clerical Aneodotes. By Jacos Larwoon,

| The Agony Column of " The

! Times," from 1800 to 12 Edited,

\ a aaa cic CLaY.

| The Cupboard Papers. By Fin-EBrc,

Pastimes and Players. By Rostert MaccREGOR.

Belzac's '"'Comédie Humaine " _— its Author, With Translations by H, H. Wacker.

Melancholy Anatomised: A

Popular f * Burton's Anstonay of Mefrnchoty."

Quips and Quiddities. Selected

by W. Davenrort ADAMS. Leaves from a Naturalists Note-Book. By Anomew Witsox,

| F.R.S.E. The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, By Otives be maemaey Hoch, Illustrated by J. Gomoon Tromson, | Forensic Anecdotes; or, Humour and Curiosities of the Law and | the Men of Law. By Jacon Larwoob.

Small Svo, cloth limp, with Mlustrations, 2s, =

Miller's Physiology for the Yo Or, The House of Life: Human Physiology, om its A cae to the Preservation of Health, For use in Classes and Reading. With numerous Mlustrations, By Mrs, F, Fenwick MILLER.

"Am admirable introduction to a caren peasants whe value health and enjoy

life should have at their fingers' ends, Milton (J. L.), Works by:


hs 6 23 7 —— os cere Set of Rules for the t of t will irecti Di Soaps, Baths, &e, By J. L. MiuzoM,, Senior Sanus oF Oe 'Toha's Hospital, = Small

Bvo, 24.3 cloth extta, rs, Gd. bine in Diseases of the Skin. Small 8vo, 1s,; cloth extra, 1, 6d.

Square 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous Illustrations, 7s, 6d, North Italian Folk. By Mrs. CoMyns CARR, Illustrated by RANDOLPH CALDECOTT,

"A eee reel a hind which is far toorare. If anyone wants to reall, a Teatian folk, we can honestly advise him to aale the journey, ro

'rs. Carr's sinstead, . . Description with Mrs, Carr is areal gift, « te a eS that a dook is 10 happily illustrated." —ConTEMPoRary Review. New Novels:

IN MAREMMA. By Outpa, 35 vols,, crown Svo. GOD AND THE MAN, By Rosert Bucranan, Author of "The Shadow of the Sword," &c, g vols, crown Bvo, With rr [llustrations by Prep, Barwann, THE COMET OF A SEASON. By Justiw McCartny, M.P., Author of ""Miss Misamhrops."* 3 vols., crown Bvo. JOSEPH'S COAT. a Davin Cxuaistis Murray, Author of "A Life's Atonement,"' &c. ith 12 Illustrations by Fuen. Baxxanp, A HEART'S PROBLEM. By Castes Gipson, Author of " Robin Gray," &c, 2 vols. crown 8vo. THE BRIDE'S PASS. By Saran Tytize, 2 vols., crown vo.

PRINCE SARONI'S WIFE, and other Stories.


By Juciax Hawtwosne, 5 vols., crown 8vo. (Shortly. SOMETHING IN THE CITY.

By Georce Aucustus Sata. 3 vols. crown Bvo. [le preparation. THE MARTYRDOM OF MADELINE.

__ By Rorenr Bucnanax. 4 vols,, crown Svo. [Shortly

~~ Crown | 8y0, | cloth extra, with Vignette Portraits, price 6s, per Vol,

Old Dramatists, The: Ben Jonszon's Works.

Avennwon Cuarirs Swinsuree,

With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, and a Hiographical Memoir by Witt1aM Girronp. Edited Rid Colonel Cunnincuam, Three V

Ohapman's Works. Now First Collected, Complete in Three Vols. Te ane ese complete, i oubtfal ones; | Vol. 11. the aForus ant Minor Trans. lations, with an Introductory Essay


ol. 111. the Translations of the Iliad and Odyssey. | Marlowe's Works. Including his Translations. Edited, with Notes and Introduction, by Col, CunnixncuamM. One Vol, Massinger's Plays. From the Text of Wittram Girroxp, With the addition sf ~ Tragedy of

  • Believe as you Lisi Col, CunsixcHan. an 'a O'Shaughnessy (Arthur) Works by:

Songs of a Worker. Bvo, cloth extra, 7s. fd,



Music and Moonlight, By ArtHur O'SHauciHnessy. Feap.

Sve, cloth extra, 72. Ge,

Lays of France, By ArTuur O'SHAUGHNESSY. Crown 8yo, cloth extra, 10s, be. Crown 8vo, red cloth extra, 5s. each,

Ouida's Novels.—Library Edition. Held in Bondage. By Ourpa. | Pascarel. By Ourpa. Strathmore. By Ourpa. | Two Wooden Shoes. By Ourpa,. Chandos, By Ovipa, | Signa. By Ovipa, Under Two Flags. By Quipa. | Ina Winter City. By Ovrpa, Idalia, By Ovrpa. | Ariadne, By Ovrna. Cecil Castlomaine. By Ovipa. Friendship. By Ourpa, Tricotrin. By Ovrpa. Moths. By Ourpa, Puck. By Ovipa, Pipistrello. By Ovrpa, Folle Farine. By Ourpa. | A Village Commune. By Ouina, Dog of Flanders, By Ovrpa.

  • ,° Also a Cheap Edition of all but the last, post vo, illustrated boards, ar, each,

Post 8vo, cloth limp, ts. 62,

Parliamentary Procedure, A Popular Handbook of. By Henry W. Lucy.

Large gto, cloth extra, gilt, beautifully Illustrated, gis. 6d. Pastoral Days; Or, Memories of a New England Year. By W. HAMILTON GIBSON. With 76 Illustrations in the highest style of Wood Engraving. " The volume contains a prove poem, with tilustrations in the shape of wood engravings more deantiful than it can well enter inte the hearts of mort men to conceive." —ScoTsMan,

Crown &vo, cloth extra, Gs,

Payn.—Some Private Views. Being Essays contributed to The Nineteenth Century and to The Times. By JAmMes Payn. Author of '* High Spirits," " By Proxy,"

  • Lost Sir Massingberd," &c.

Two Vois, #vo, cloth extra, with Portralts, ros 6 6d,

Plutarch's Lives of Illustrious Men. Translated from the Greek, with Notes, Critical and Historical, and a Life of Plutarch, by JouN and WiLLIAM LANGHORNE. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Portrait and [ustrations, 7s, 6d,

Poe's Choice Prose and Poetical Works. With BaullDELAIRE's " Essay." Lipgary Epitions, many Illustrated, crown 8vo, cloth extra, 35. 6¢. each.

ne Novels, The. Popular Stories by the Best Authors.

Maid, Wife, or Widow? By |

ae Se em

Money Mortiboy. By; ao a Basawr and Janes Rice. My Little Girl. By W. Besant

my James Rice. | The Case of Mr. Lucraft. By W. Basant and Jaoes Rice. This Son of ican. By W. Besant and Jases Rice. With Harp and Crown, By W. Bxsanrt and Jastes Rice.

| The Golden Butterfly. By W. Besant and yams Ricg. By Celia's Arbour. yy We

Besant and James Rice The Monks of Thelema. By Wz. Besant and Janes Rice. 7 Y

'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay. "2, poole Janes Rice. amar Side. By WALTER eae James Rice. The Chaplain of the Fleet, By Watrenr Besant and Janes Rice. The Ten Years' Tenant. By Water Besant aod James Rice, A Child of Nature, By Roserr | BuchHaNan.


Basil. By WIckiz CoLtins.

Hide and Seek. By WILKIE Cottrxs,

The Dead Secret. W. CoLiins.

Queen of Hearts, W. CoLiins,

My Miscellanies, W. CoLtins,

The Women in White. By | Wixi Cots.

The Moonstone. W. CoLtins. |

Man and Wife. W. Coxtins.

Poor Miss Finch. W. Conirns.

Miss or Mrs,? By W. Cottins.

The New Magdalen. By WILKIE Couns.

The Frozen Deep. W. COLLINs.

The Law and the Lady, By Witxia Cotcins.

The Two Destinies, By WILKIE CoLLins.

The Haunted Hotel, By WILKIE Cotuns.

The Fallen Leaves. By WILKIE Couns,

Jezebel's Daughter. W. COLLINS,

Ths Black Robe. By WILKIE CoLuins.

Deceivers Ever. Lovett Cameron,

Juliet's Guardian. By Mrs. H. Lovett Camron,


Archie Lovell. By Mrs. ANNIE Emwarours.

Olympia. By R. E. FRANCILLON.

Queen Cophetua. By R. E, FRAKCILLON.

The Capel Girls. Gauzett,

Robin Gray. CHARLES GIrsor,

For Lack of Gold. By CHaA&LEs Gispox.

In Love and War. By CHARLES Gisson,

What will the World Say? By Crarces Ginnon.


In Honour Bound. By CHARLES GIBBON.

Queen of the Meadow. By CHartes Gisson.

In Pastures Green. By CHARLES Gispon.

| Under the Greenwood Treo. By Tuomas Harpy.

me By Jucian HAWTHORNE,

Ellice Quentin. By JvlltLtan


Sebastian Strome. by JULIAN Hawrttorxe.

Thornicroft's Model. By Mr: Acrxep Hunt.

The Leaden Casket. By Mrs. Aurren Hunt.

Fated to be Pree. By Jean


Confidence. Henry Janes, Jun,

By Mrs, H.

By EDWARD The Queen of Connaught. By; LostSir Massingberd. ByJasxs

Harnett Jay. Tho Dark Colleen. a Hy, Jay, Number Seventeen. By HENkyY Kincstxy. Oakshott Castle. H, Kincsiey, Patricia Kemball. By E, Lynn Lirton.

The Atonement of Leam Dundas. By E. Lynx Laxron, The World Well Lost. By E. Lynn Linton. By E.

Under which Lord? Lyxw Linton.

With a Silken Thread, By E. Lyrx Linton.

The Rebel of the Family. By EB. Lyn Linton,

"My Love!" By E. Lyxnx Lintox.

The Waterdale Neighbours. By Justin McCantuv, B


My Enemy's Daughter. ustin McCartnuy.

ley Rochford. Ly Justin McCartuy, A Pair Saxon, J. McCarruy,

Dear Lady Disdain. By Justin McCartuy.

Miss Misanthrope, By Justin McCartny.

Donna Quixote. J. McCartry, Quaker Cousins, By AGNes Macponzis. Lost Rose. Macguotp. Tho EvilEye. By KaATHARIN: S. Macovoin, Open! Sesame! Marevar. Written in Fire. F. Marryar. Touch and Go, ByJEran MrpBLEMASS, A Life's Atonement. By D. Craistie Mongar.

Whiteladies, Mrs, OLIPHANT,


By Florence

| _ Payne,

The Best of Husbands. By Jamus Payn.

Fallen Fortunes. JAmes Payn,

Halves. By JAmEs Payn.

| Walter's Word. Jamzs Payn,

|—t He Cost Her. By James 'AYN.

Less Black than we're Painted. | By Jamus Payn.

By Proxy. By James PAyn, Under One Roof, Jamxs Payn, High Spirits. By James Payn. From Exile, By James Payn. care Year. By james


A Confidential Agent. 'By James Payn.

Put Yourself in his Place. By Cuanrtes Reape,

Her Mother's Darling. By Mrs. J. H. Reppett.

Bound to the Wheel. By Jouw Savunpars,

Guy Waterman. J. SAUNDERS

One Against the World. By


The Lion in the Path, By Joun Saunners,

The Two Dreamers. By Joun Sacnpers.

Proud Maisie. 'Tuomas.

Cressida. By BerTHa TrtoMAs.

The Violin-Player. By BertHa Titostas,


The Way We Live Now. By Anruony TROLLOPE. The American Senator. By Antuony Trotvops, Diamond Cut Diamond, By T. A. Teottopr, | What She Came through. By

Sanau Tyrer.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s,

Planché.—Songs and Poems, from 1819 to 1879. Jj. R. PLancus. Edited, with an Introduction, by his Daughter,

rs. MACKARNESS. Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s, each, Popular Novels, Cheap Editions of.

(Wirere Coturns' Novuts and Besant and Roce's Novers may also be had in cloth limp at as, 6a, See, foo, the Piccavitiy Novats, fer Library Editions.)

Confidences. Haminton Aint. Carr of Carrlyon. H. Aips. Wife, or Widow? By

Money Mortibo

mey Mo 7

Wacrer Besant and wae ee

Harp and Crown. By Water Besant and James Rice. Vulcan. By W. SANT and Jaxas Rice,

My Little Girl, Hy the same. The Case of Mr. Lucraft. By Water Besant and James ea'

eae Golden Buttertly. By W.

Besant and James Rice.

By Celia's Arbour. By WALTER Brsant aod Jases Rece.

The Monks of Thelema. By Water Besant and Janes Rice.

in Trafa 8 Bay. By Watrne Besant and James Rice.

Seamy Side. Besant and Rice.


An Heiress of Red Dog. By Beer Harts

The Luck of Roaring Camp.

oy Bret Harte.

Conroy. Bret Harter. Surly Tim. By F.E. Buenert, Decelvers Ever.


Tuliet's Guardian. By Mrs. Lovertr Camenon,

The Cure of Souls. By Mac. LakEN Comnan.

Tho Bar Sinister. By Cc. Atisron Cotuins.

Antonina. By WiILKI£CoLtins.

Basil, By Witxr Cottins.

Hide ond Seek. W. Cotiins.

Tho Dead Secret. W. COLLins,

of Hearts. W. CoLLiNs., Miscellanies, W. Cottins, Woman in White, W.CoLLins,

By Mrs. L. |

The Moonstone. W. COLLINS, |

Man and Wife. W.CoLLIns. Poor Miss Finch. W. CoLtins. Miss or Mra.P? W. CoLLins. Now Magdalen. W. CoLtLtns. The Frozen Deep. W. CoLLins. Law and theLady. W.CoLLINS. Two Destinies, W. COLLINS. Haunted, Hotel. W. CoLLins. Fallen Leaves. By W.CoLLINs. Leo. By Dutron Cook. A Point of Honour. By Mrs. Anniz Epwarpes. ArchieLovell. MrsA.EDWARDES Felicia. M. BETHAM-EDWARDS. Roxy. By Epwarp EccLeston. Polly. By Percy FITZGERALD. Bella Donna. P, FITZGERALD. Never Forgotten. FitzGrraLp. The Second Mra. Tillotson. By Pency Firzceranp. Seventy-FiveBrookeStreet. By Purcy Frrzceraco. Filthy Lucre. By ALBANY DE Foxstangue, Olympia. By R. E, FRANCILLON. The Capel Girls. By EpwarD GARRETT, Robin Gray. By CHas, Grseon, For Lack of Gold. C. Ginzon, What will the World Say? By Cuartes Giseon, In Honour Bound. C, Gizzon, The Dead Heart. By C. Giseson. In Love and War, C. Ginson, For the King. By C. Ginron.

Queen of the Meadow. hy CHARLES Greron, ' Dick Temple. By James


Every-day Papers. By ANDREW HaALiipay.

Paul Wynter's Sacrifice. By Lady Durrus Harpy,

Under the Greenwood Tree. By Tuomas Harpy. Garth. By Jutian HAWTHORNE,

Golden Heart. By Tom Hoop.

TheHunchback of Notre Dame. By Vicroer Hvco.

Thornicroft'a Model. By Mrs. Atraep Hunt.

Fated to be Free. By JEAN


Low. eee By Hexry JAMEs, te The Queen of Connaught. By

Harnett Jay,

The Dark Colleen. By H. Jay.

Number Seventeen. By Henny KincsLey.

Oakshott Castle, H,KINGsLEv,

Patricla Kemball, By E, Lynn Linton,

Leam Dundas. E.LysnLinton.

The World Well Lost. By E. Lyx~ Liston.

Under which Lord? By E. Lynn Linton.

The Waterdale Neighbours. By Justin McCagtTuy,

Dear LadyDisdain, By thesame.

My Enemy's Daughter. By Jusei® McCartny.

A Fair Sazon. J. MCCARTHY. |

Linley Rochford. McCartuiy.

Misa Misanthrope. McCaRTHY.

Donna Quixote, J. McCARTHY. |

The Evil Bye. By KATHARINE 5. Macquoip.

Lost Rose. K. 5, Macquorp.


Harvest of Wild Oats. By Puosence Marrvat.

A Little Stepson. F. MARRYAT,

Fighting the Air, F. Markyart.

Touch and Go, By JEAN MInpLeMass.

Mr. Dorillion. J, MIDDLEMASS.

Whiteladles. ByMrs.OLIFHANT.

Held in Bondage. By Ovipa.

Strathmore. By OuIpA.

Chandos. By Ourpa.

Under Two Flags. By Ovrpa.

Idalia. By Ovurpa,


Cecil Castlemaine. By Outpa, Tricotrin, By Ourpa. Puck. By Ourpa. Folle Farine. Ovurpa, A Dog of Flanders. By Ourpa. Pascarel. By Ouvrpa. Two Little Wooden Shoes. By Signa. By Ovipa. In a Winter City. By O Ariadne. By Ourpa. Friendship. By Ourpa. Moths. By Outpa. Lost Sir Massingberd, J. Payn, A Perfect Treasure. J. PAYN. Bentinck's Tutor. By J. Payn. Murphy's Master. Ry J. Payn. ACounty Family. By J. Payn. At Her Mercy. By J. Payn. AWoman'sVengeance, J.Payn. Cecil's Tryst. By Jamxs Payn. The Clyffards of Clyffe, J.Parn. Family Scapegrace. J. Payn, The Foster Brothers. J. Payn, Found Dead, By Jamxs Payn. Gwendoline'sHarvest. J.Payn. Humorous Stories. J. Payn. Like Father, Like Son. J.Payn. A Marine Residence. J. Payn. Married Beneath Him.J.Payn. Mirk Abbey. By JAmEs Payn. Not Wooed, but Won. J.Parx, Two Hundred Pounds Reward. By James Pay. Best of Husbands. By J. Payn. Walter's Word. By J. Payn. Halves. By James Payn,

Fallen Fortunes. By: Payn,


What He Cost Her, J. Parn,

Less Black than We're ted. By James Payy.

By Proxy. By James Payn,

Under One Roof. By J. Payn.

High Spirits. By Jas. Pay,

Paul Ferroll.

Why P.Perroll Killed his Wife.

Tho Mystery of Marie Roget. By Evcar A. Por. Put Yourself in his Place By Chtarces READE.

Ger Mother's Darling. By Mrs. J. H. Reopai.. and Daylight. By Geoucz Aucustus SALA. Bound to the Wheel. By JoHN

SavNpaRs, Guy Waterman. J. SaunpgErs,

One Rppiost the World. B joHN SauxoERs. si .

The Lion inthe Path. By Joun and Karuenie Savnvers.

A Match in the Dark. By A, Sxercuiey.



Tales for the Marines. By Warrex Tuornsvry. By

The Way we Live Now. Antuony Trouiorn, The American Senator. Ditto. Diamond Cut Diamond. Ditto. A Pleasure Trip in Europe. By Marx Twain, Tom Sawyer. By Mark TWAIN, An Idle Excursion. M. Twaty. Sabina. By Lady Woon. Castaway. By EpMUND Yates. Forlorn Hope. EpmuNpb Yares. LandatLast, EDMUND YATES,


Pipistrello. By Oumpa. The Ten Years' Besan

Coins. Queen Cophetus. Fy R. E. FraKctiton. In Pastures Green. Dy Cuas. Gipson. A Confidential Agent. Hy Jas.


| Bllice Quentin.

By JullLtan Hawtucenr,

With a Silken Thread. By &,

Lyxyx Liston.

Quaker Cousins. Dy Aces MACDONELL. Written in Fire. By Florence


A Life's Atonement. By I. Crristiz. Murray.

Carlyon's Year. By J. Pars.

Feap, svo, picture covers, rs, each,

Te Brigga'a Love Siory.

y Beer Harte,

The Twins of Table Mountain. By Bret Hartz.

Mrs. Gainsborough's Diamonds. By JULIAN HAWTHORNE.

Eathleen Mavyourneen. By the Author of That Lass o' Lowrie's."

Lindsay's Luck. By the Author of That Lass 0' Lowrie's."

Pretty Polly Pemberton. ee Author of That Lass o' Lowrie's." f

Trooping with Crows. By The Professor's Wife.

rs. PIRKIS. By Leonarp GRAHAM.

A Double Bond. By Linpa VILLARI.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Primitive Manners and Customs.


Small 8vo, cloth extra, with +30 Illustrations, 3s. 6d.

Prince of Argolis, The:: A Story of the Old Greck Fairy Time. By J. Mover Smrx.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 7s. 6d.

Pursuivant of Arms,

or, Heraldry founded upon Facts. Herald, With Coloured Frontispiece an


By J. R, PLANCHE, Sc merset 200 Illustrations, Proctor's (R. A.) Works:

Easy Star Lessons.

With Star Maps

Every Night for


Year, Drawings of the Constellations, &c.

in the

8vo, cloth extra, 6j.

Familiar Science Studies. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7^. 6d. Saturn and its System, By Richard A. Proctor. New and Revised Edition, demy 8vo, cloth extra, loj. (>d. ^In preparation. Myths and Marvels of Astronomy. By Rich. A. Proctor, Author of " Other Worlds than Ours," &c. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, f>s. Ways in Science. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6^. Series of Familiar Essays on Rough Ways made Smooth By R. A. Proctor. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 65. Scientific Subjects. Infinities

Series of Essays contrasting Our Place among our Little Abode in JTpace and Time with the Infinities Around us. By Richard A. Proctor. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, ds. Series of Essays on the "Wonders The Expanse of Heaven: By Richard A. Proctor. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6*. of the Firmament. Wages and Wants of Science Workers. Crown 8vo, s. 6d.





8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, ys. 6d.

Rabelais' Works. Translated from the French, with variorum Notes, and



characteristic Illustrations

by Gustave Dore.

with numerous Illustrations, and a beautifully executed Chart of the various Spectra, 7s. 6d.


8vo, cloth


Rambosson's Popular Astronomy. By


Rambosson, Laureate of

the Institute of France. Profusely Illustrated.

by C. B. Pitman. Entirely


Edition, Revised,


crown 8vo, 1,400 pages, cloth


Translated extra, 7s. 6d.

(The) of Allusions, Re ferences, Plots, and Stories. By the Rev. Dr. Brewer. Third Edition, revised throughout, with a new Appendix containing a Complete

English Biblioeraphy.


[Inthepress. 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

Richardson's (Dr.)



By Benjamin

and other Papers.



Richardson, M.D,, &c.

Works by:

Our Old Country Towns. Alfred Rimmer.

Ministry of Health, With over 50

Square Svo, cloth extra,



gilt, lor. 6^.

Rambles Round Eton and Harrow.

By Alfred Rimmer.

With 50 Illustrations by the Author. Square Svo, cloth gilt, xos. td. Also an Edition de Luxe, in 4to (only a limited number printed), with the Illusts. on China paper, cloth bds., edges uncut,

beautifully printed

About England with Dickens. Rimmer

a nd C. A.








»vo, cloth extra, 6j. per volume.

— Natural History ot

the Poets.

By Phil. Robinson, Author of " Under the Punkab," &c. Volume?.


Fauna of Fancy.




Sq. 8 vo. cloth gilt, os. td. [/« the press.


Birds. Vol. II. The Beasts. Vol. IV. The Flora of Poetry.

In Four

Vol. III. The In the press. Handsomely printed, j price 5.

Roll of Battle Abbey, The;

or, A List of the Mie Warriors who came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror, and Settled in this Country, A.D. 1066-7, With the principal Arms emblazoned in Gold and Colours.

Two Vols., large 4to, profusely Illustrated, balf-morocco, £a 16s.

Rowlandson, the Caricaturist. A Selection from bis Works, with Anecdotal Descriptions of his Famous Caricatures, and a Sketch of his Life, Times, and Contemporaries. With nearly goo Illustrations, mostly in Facsimile of the Originals. By Works, and Ne le Author of '* James Gillray, the Caricaturist; his Life, 'orl

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, profusely Iustrated, 4 45. 6d, cach, / "Secret Out" Series, The.

The ist's Treasury;; Magician's Own Book: Performances with Cups and

or, Complete Art of Making Fire- | works.

Tomas Kentish, With numerous Mlustrations,

Eggs, Hats eaeieat &e, from Actual Baled by

Experi enes.

The Art of Amusing: Magic No Mystery: A Cir onc ans Genes | MAGNO MITT eats te, eta I 'dane, with fully descriptive ions; the ni Art of Secret Writing; Training of Henky-Panky: Performing Animals, &c, Coloured yoy i: een Dificule Frontispiece and many Illustrations. » Sleight of Hand. Tha Secret Out: sited by WH. Carn. 200 Tut. One Teousand Tricks with Ca The Circle: other Recreations; with Entertatal

A Book of New Intellectual Games Experiments in Drawing-room and Amusements, By Chana Direraw. "White Magic." By W. H. Cenune. _ Many Illustr Iustrations. goo Engravings.


Shakespeare, The First Polio. Mr. WILLIAM SHAKESPRARR'S Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies. Published according to the true Ceicinnt Copies. London, Printed by Isaac lacaakp and Ep, Broun,

3.—A Reproduction of the extremely rare original, in reduced facsimile cope enenia

on a Sete Beaks eae ta

eee The Magedirwin.

and, io amall but very clear e With engraved Drogsttout's Portrait. Post 8vo, extra, 73. 64.

Shakespeare for Children: Tales from sorienpeats By CrHances and Mary Lamn, With numerous Illustrations, coloured and plain, by J. Move Smite. Crown 4to, cloth gilt,—6d.

Shakespeare Music, The Handbook of. peee an Account of Pieces of Music, set to Words taken from the and Poems of a the compositions ranging from the Blizabeiban Age to the

Papal Time. By Atrrep Rorre, 4to, half-Roxburghe, 7s.

Shakespeare, A Study of. wet ALGERNON CHARLES SWINe

ruawe. Crownivo cloth extra 8:

the strictest accuracy in every detail, Beautifully printed in ved facsimile o} Crown & 8v0, >, cloth ex

Senior's Travel and Trout i in 1 the "in An Angler's Sketches in Tasmania and New ee TLLIAM Rocratea ("Red Spinner"), Author of " By Stream and

Grown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, witn 10 wee page Tinted osnaaaes 7h Gd,

Sheridan's Complete Works, with Life and Anecdotes, Including his Dramatic Writings, eee from the Original Editions, his Works in Prose and Poetry, ___tions, Speeches, Jokes, Puns, &c.; with a Collection orshe Sheridaniaoa,

Crown @yo, cloth eatra, with 100 Illustrations, 7s, 6d.

Signboards; Their History. With Anecdotes of Famous Taverns and Remarkable ___ Characters.—By JAcon LArwoop and Jonn CAmpEN HoTTEN

Crown 8vo, cloth ox gilt, 6s. 6d,

Slang Dictionary, The: Etymological, Historical, and Anecdotal, = ENTIRELY NEw Enrtton, revised throughout, and considerably Enlarged.

~ Exquisitely printed in miniature, cloth extra, gilt edges, or Smoker's Text-Book, The. By J. Haner, ERS, Li

'Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 55.

Spalding's Elizabethan Demonology: An Essay in Illustration of the Belief In the Existence of Devils, and the Powers possessed by them. Py T, ALrrep Spatpine, LL.B. Crown gto, with Coloured Illustrations, cloth gilt, 10s. 6d. Spenser for Children. By M, H, Towry. Illustrations in Colours by WALTER J, MORGAN. A New Edition, small crown 8vo, cloth extra, 5s. Staunton.—Laws and Practice of Chess; Togeth er with an Analysis of the nings, and a Treatise on End Games, By HOWARD STAUNTON, Edited by Rosert B. WORMALD. Crown vo, cloth extra, 9s. Stedman.—Victorian Poets: Critical Essays, By EnmMuND CLARENCE STEDMAN. Crown avo, cloth extra, 6r, 7 Stevenson.—Familiar Studies in Men and Rooks. By R. Lovis STEVENSON, Author of " Wiha Donkey in the ___Cevennes," &c, _ [Nearly ready, Post 8vo, cloth extra, 5s Stories about Number Nip,

The Spirit of the Giant Mountains. Retold for Children, by WALTER Granat ME, With Ilustrations by ]. Move SaurH,

ye anne Two Vols., crown Svo, cloth extra, ans. Stories from the State Papers.

By ALEX. Ewato, F.S.A., Author of * The Life of Prince Charles Stuart," &c, With an Autot ¥P e Facsimik. Two Vols., crown 8vo, with numerous Portraits and Mustrations, 24s.

Strahan.—Twenty Years of a Publisher's


(Un the pres,

Crown Bvo, cloth extra, with IMustrations, 7s. 6d.

Strutt's Sports and Pastimes of the People y

of England; Games, M


yt Rural and Domestic Recreations, ows, Processions, Pageants, and Pompous

eee the Earliest Period to the Present Time, With 140 I Edited by Wittiam Hone,

Crown 8vo, with a Map of Suburban London, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. Suburban Homes (The) of London:

A Residential Guide to Favourite London Localities, their Society,

Celebrities, and Associations, and House Accommodation.

With Notes on their Rental, Rates,

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 75. 64.

Swift's Choice W In d Vi

Prose an

orks, 'erse. With Memoir, Portrait, and Facsimiles of the

Maps in the Original Edition of Gulliver's Travels,"

Swinburne's Works: The Mother and Rosa- |

Feap, 8vo, 55. Atalanta in Calydon, pace New Edition, Crown ovo, 6s.


A Tragedy. Crown &vo, 7s.

Pooms and Ballads. ' Fiest Seates. Feap. Svo, 9s. Also in crown Svo, at same price,

and E |

Secon Sentzs. Feap.8vo, gs. Also in crown Svo, at same price.

Notes on 'Poems and Ballads." Svo, 28.

William Blake: A Critical Essay, With Facsimile Painti aoe, Svo, 16s.

Songs before junriase. Crown 8vo, oz. 6d,

A Tragedy. Crown fvo, ror, 4

Smal! gto, cloth extra, [Wustrated, 251,

George Chapman: An Essay, Crown 8vo, 74,

Songs of Two Nations. Crown Svo, 64.

Essays and Studies. Crown Svo, 124,

Erechtheus: A Tragedy. Crown Svo, 6s.

Note of an English Republican on the Muscovite Crusade, vo, 13.

A Note on Charlotte Bronté. Crown 8vo, Gr. 4

A Study of Shakespeare. Crown Bro, 8s.

Songs of the Springtides, Crown Svo, 6s.

Studies in Song. Crown Svo, 7s.

Mary Stuart:

A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, Ss,

Sword, The Book of the: Being a History of the Sword, and its Use, in all Countries from the Earliest Times, By Captain RicHARD BURTON, With over 400


of a Wife,

(in preparation.

~~ Medium vo, cloth extra, with Llustrations, 7s. 6d.

Syntax's (Dr.) Three Tours In Search of the Picturesque, in Search of With the whole of RowLANDson's droll page Ilustra Consolation, and In Search

tions, in Colours, and Life of the Anthor by J. C. HoTTEn. Four Vols. small 8vo, cloth boards, gos, Taine's History of English Literature.

Translated by HENRY VAN LAUN,

  • ,* Also a PopullLAR Enron, in Two Vols. crown 8vo, cloth extra, r5s.

Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, profusely Hiustrated, 6s.

Tales of Old Thule. Collected and Illustrated by J. Mov Ssrru,

One Vol. crown $vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d.

Taylor's (Tom) Historical Dramas:

  • Clancarty," "Jeanne Dare," '* "Twixt Axe and Crown," '* The Fool's Revenge," ' Arkwright's Wife," ** Anne Boleyn," " Plot and Passion."
  • ," The Plays may also be had separately, at ls, each, ~~ Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Coloured Frontispiece and numerous Illustrations, 7s. 6d.

Thackerayana: Notes and Anecdotes. Illustrated by a profusion of Sketches by WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY, depicting Humorous Incidents in his School-life, and Favourite Characters in the books of his everyday reading. With Hundreds of Wood Engravings, facsimiled from Mr. Thackeray's Original Drawings,

Crown vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, with Tilustrations, 73. Gd.

Thomson's Seasons and Castle of Indolence, With a Biographical and Critical Introduction by ALLAN CUNNINGHAM, and over 50 fine Illustrations on Steel and Wood.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous Illustrations, 7s. 6d.

Thornbury's (Walter) Haunted London,

A New Edition, Edited by EpWARD WALFORD, M.A., with numerous Illustrations by F, W. FAIRHOLT, F.S.A.

Crown vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 73. 6d,

Timbs' Clubs and Club Life in London,

With Anecdotes of its famous Coffec-houses, Hostelries, and Taverns, By Joun Tiatss, F.S.A, With numerous Illustrations.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 7s, 6d, _

Timbs' English Eccentrics and Eccentricitles: Stories of Wealth and Fashion, Delusions, Impostures, and Fanatic Missions, Strange Sights and Sporting Scenes, ric Artists, Theatrical Folks, Men of Letters, &e. By Jon Tras, F.S.A. With nearly 50 [llustrations.

Demy 8vo, cloth extra, 144.

Torrens' The Marquess Wellesley,

Architect of Empire. An Historic Portrait. forming Vol, 1. of ProConsun and TrRinune: WELLESLEY and O'ConneLt: Historie Portraits. By W. M. Torrens, M.P. In Two Vols, Demy 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, 9s.

Tunis: the Land and the People.

By Exnst VON HESSE-WARTEGG. With 22 fine Ilustrations,

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Coloured Illustrations, zr. 6d. Turner's (J. M. W.) Life and Correspondence: Founded upon Letters and Papers furnished by bis Friends and fellow Academicians. By WALTER THORNEURY.

A New Edition, con siderably Enlarged. With numerous [illustrations i I esimiled from Turner's original Drawings. ee eres Two Vols., crown 8vo, cloth extra, with and Ground-Plans, 14s, Walcott's Church Work and Life in English

Minsters; and the English Student's Monasticon, By the Rev, Mackenzie E, C, Watcortt, &.D,


Large crown 8vo, cloth antique, with Illustrations, 7s. 6d. m and Cotton's Complete Angler;

or, The Contemplative Man's Recreation: being a Discourse of Rivers, Fishponds, Fish and Fishing, written by IzAAK WALTON; and Instructions how to ong for a Trout or Grayling fn a clear Stream, by


ith Original Memoirs and Notes by Sir HARRIS, and 61 Copperplate Illustrations,

The Twenty-second Annual Edition, for 1882, cloth, full gilt, sos.

Walford's County Families of the United Kingdom

the Descent, disti

. ByEpwarpD WALrorD, M. A. Containing Notices of h, Marriage, Education, &c., of more than 12,000 nguished Heads of Families, their Heirs Apparent or Presumptive,

the Offices they hold or have held, their Town and Country Ad dresses, Clubs, &c.

A Fuse ready

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gt 6d. per volume,

Wanderer's Library, Th

Merrie England in the Olden Time. By Georce Danie. With Tilustrations by Ront, Crurksitanx,

The Old Showmen and the Old London Fairs, By THomas Frost.

Tho Wilds of London. By James Greenwoon.

TavernAnecdotes and Sayings; Including the Origin of Signs, and R jscences counected with Taverns, Coffee Houses, Clubs, &c, By Cuarces Hiwpiey. With Ilusts.

Circus Life and Circus Celebrities, By Tuomas Frost.

The Lives of the Conjurers. By Tromas Frost,

The Life and Adventures of a Cheap an By One of the Fraternity. Edited by Ceartats Hinnter.

'The Story of the London Parks, By Jacon Larwoop, With Ilusts.


| Low-Life Deeps. An Account

of the Strange Fish to he found there. By Jasrs GxEEWwooD.

| Seven Generations of Exeoutioners; Memoirs of the Sanson Family tans to 1847). Edited by Henry Sanson,

The World Behind the Scenes. By Peacy Firzcrran,

| London Characters. By Henny Mayxew. Illustrated.

The Genial Showman: Life and Adventures of Artemus Ward, By E, P. Hincstox. Frontispiece.

| Wanderings in Patagonia; or, | Life among the Ostrich Hunters, By | _ Juivs Beexeous. Illustrated, Summer Cruising in the South Seas. By 'Cuarces Warnes SronDARD. Illustrated by Watus MacKAY, Carefully printed on paper to ) imitate the Original, 22 in. by 14 in., 2s. Warrant to Execute Charles I.

An exact Facsimile of this im ae Document, with the Fifty-nine Signatures of the Regicides, and corresponding Seals.

Beautifully printed on paper to imitate the Original MS., price as, Warrant to Execute Mary Queen of Scots. An exact Facsimile, including the Signature of Queen Elizabeth, and a Facsimile of the Great Seal. Crown avo, cloth limp, with numerous [ustrations, 4s, 6a.

Westropp's Handbook of Pottery and Porce lain; or, History of those Arts from the Earliest Period. Hopper M. Wesrrorr. With numerous Illustrations, and a List of Marks.

Past 8vo, cloth limp, 2. 6d,

What shall mv Son be P Hints for Parents on the Choice of a Profession or Trade for their Sons. By Rancts DAVENANT, M.A,

SEVENTH EpiTion, Square vo, 1s

Whistler iii Ruskin: Art and Art Critics. By J. A. lg, \ iLL, WHISTLER.

A VERY HOEY" IME VOL UME,— Large 410, cloth extra, 315. 6d.

White M v0," tains (The Heart of the):

Their Lege 3, nd Scenery. By SAMUEL ADAMS Drake. With nearly 109 strations by W. HAMILTON Gipson, Author of

  • Pastoral ag

Crow « 8vo, cloth limp, with Illustrations, 21, 6¢.

Williams' A Simple Treatise on Heat. ___ By W, Marrigu } WILLIAMS, F.RAS,, F.C,S.

Small 8vo, cloth extra, Hlustrated, 6s, Wooing (The) of the Water-Witch: A Northern Oddity, By Evan DA1 DORNE. | Iilust. by J. Movr SarrH, Crown 8yo, half- bound, ras. ras. 6d.

Words, Facts, and Phrases:

A Dictionary of Curious, Quaint, and Out-of-the-Way Matters. By _Euiezer Eowaarps.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, with Mlustrations, 75. 6d. Wright's Caricature History of of the ieee:

'The House of Hanover.) With qoo Pictures, Caricatures, Squibs, ___ Broadsides, Window Pictures, &c. By THomas WeiGHt, M.A,, F.S.A.

Large post 6vo, cloth extra, gilt, with Illustrations, 7s. 6d. Wright's History of Caricature and of the

Grotesque in Art, Literature, Sculpture, and Painting, By THomAs Wricut, F.S.A. Profusely [lustratec: by F. W, FatrHo.t, F.S,A,