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Valerius records that a certain nobleman enquired of a philosopher how he might perpetuate his name. He answered, that if he should kill an illustrious personage, his name would be eternally remembered. Hearing this, he slew Philip the father of Alexander the Great. But he afterwards came to a miserable end. (45)


My beloved, the nobleman, is any one who seeks a worldly name by bad means.



Note 45.Page 224.

This curious anecdote is recorded of Pausanias, in the eighth book of Valerius Maximus, "De Cupiditate gloriæ." Cap. xiv. Exeter. 4.

"Nam dum Hermocles percontatus esset, quonam modo subito clarus posset evadere, atque is respondisset, si illustrem virum aliquem occidisset, futurum ut gloria ejus ad ipsum redundaret: continuò Philippum interemit. Et quidem quod petierat, assecutus est. Tarn enim se parricidio, quam Philippus virtute, notum posteris reddidit."