Glimpses of Bohemia/Prefatory Note


The Second General Council of the Presbyterian Alliance, held at Philadelphia in September, 1880, adopted the following Minute as to the mode of helping Continental Churches:—

“The Council approve of the Report of the Committee, and record their thanks to them for what they have done in the Waldensian Pastors’ Aid Fund, and express their hope that that movement will be prosecuted to a close. They authorise the Committee to take such steps as they may deem best to show sympathy with the Bohemian and Moravian Churches, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Edict of Toleration next year. The Council resolved that the Committee shall consist of a European and an American section, to work in concert, as follows: The European Committee—J. A. Campbell, Esq., LL.D., M.P., and David Maclagan, Esq., C.A., Joint Conveners; Rev. Dr. John Marshall Lang, Rev. Dr. Blaikie, Rev. Dr. Robertson, Rev. Dr. Dykes, Rev. William Welsh, Rev. Dr. A. Thomson, Rev. John S. MacIntosh, Rev. W. Gillies, James Macdonald, Esq. The American Committee—Henry Day, Esq., Chairman; Rev. Dr. Breed, Rev. Dr. Murkland, Rev. Dr. Hall, of New York, Rev. Dr. Van Nest, Hon. W. E. Dodge, Rev. Dr. Prime, William Neely, Esq., Rev. Dr. W. J. R. Taylor, Hon. Stanley Matthews.”

The European Committee of the Alliance, acting under the above appointment, resolved to aim at raising a sum of £5000, in aid of the Reformed Churches of Bohemia and Moravia, and the following pages are offered as the writer’s contribution to this effort. He trusts that they may be of some service in affording information to, and stimulating the interest of the Christian public of Britain in the struggling Protestantism of the “Land of Huss.”

In connection with the movement, a Bazaar is to be held in the Music Hall, Edinburgh, on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd December, 1882.

The objects which it is specially desired to aid from the funds thus to be raised are:—(1.) The extension of the Reformed Church by grants in aid of new Congregations and Preaching Stations (see p. 50 et seq.); and (2.) The full equipment of the “Comenius Association” (see p. 50), a society instituted by the Evangelical Pastors for the creation and diffusion of Christian Literature.

Edinburgh, 4th December, 1882.