God of All Consolation, Take

GOD of all consolation take,
The glory of thy grace!
Thy gifts to thee we render back
In ceaseless songs of praise.

Thro' thee we now together came,
In singleness of heart;
We met, O Jesus, in thy name,
And in thy name we part.

We part in body not in mind;
Our minds continue one!
And each to each in Jesu's join'd,
We hand in hand go on.

Subsists as in us all one soul!
No power can make us twain;
And mountains rise, and oceans roll,
To sever us in vain.

Present we still in spirit are,
And intimately nigh,
While on the wings of faith and pray'r,
We each to other fly.

In Jesus Christ together we
In heavenly places sit;
Cloth'd with the sun, we smile to see
The moon beneath our feet.

Our life is hid with Christ in God;
Our life shall soon appear,
And shed his glory all abroad,
In all his members here.

The heavenly treasure now we have
In a vile house of clay;
But he shall to the utmost save,
And keep us to that day.

Our souls are in his mighty hand,
And he shall keep them still;
And you and I shall surely stand
With him on Zion's hill;

Him eye to eye we there shall see;
Our face like his shall shine:
O what a glorious company
When saints and angels join!

O what a joyful meeting there!
In robes of white array'd,
Palms in our hands we all shall bear,
And crowns upon our head.

Then let us lawfully contend,
And fight our passage through;
Bear in our faithful minds the end,
And keep the prize in view.

Then let us hasten to the day,
When all shall be brought home;
Come, O Redeemer, come away,
O Jesus, quickly come!