Going to Him! Happy letter!

Going to Him! Happy letter!
Tell Him —
Tell Him the page I didn't write —
Tell Him — I only said the Syntax —
And left the Verb and the pronoun out —
Tell Him just how the fingers hurried —
Then — how they waded — slow — slow —
And then you wished you had eyes in your pages —
So you could see what moved them so —

Tell Him — it wasn't a Practised Writer —
You guessed — from the way the sentence toiled —
You could hear the Bodice tug, behind you —
As if it held but the might of a child —
You almost pitied it — you — it worked so —
Tell Him — no — you may quibble there —
For it would split His Heart, to know it —
And then you and I, were silenter.

Tell Him — Night finished — before we finished —
And the Old Clock kept neighing "Day"!
And you — got sleepy — and begged to be ended —
What could it hinder so — to say?
Tell Him — just how she sealed you — Cautious!
But — if He ask where you are hid
Until tomorrow — Happy letter!
Gesture Coquette — and shake your Head!

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