Gould's Birds of New Guinea

Gould's 'Birds of New Guinea.'
by J. A. A.

Published in The Auk, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 269

Gould's 'Birds of New Guinea.' — In 1871 the late Mr. John Gould began the publication of a work in five volumes folio, on the Birds of New Guinea and adjacent islands,[1] to be issued in twenty-five parts. At the time of Mr. Gould's death, in 1873, only twelve of the parts had been issued, the thirteen remaining parts having been prepared by Mr. R. Bowdler Sharpe, the eminent ornithologist in charge of the Department of Birds at the British Museum. The work contains 320 plates, in the excellent style of Gould's other well-known large folio works on the Birds of Asia, Australia, Great Britain, etc. The 'Introduction,' by Mr. Sharpe, gives a historical summary of ornithological exploration in New Guinea and the Papuasian Islands. The few Australian birds included, form, as it were, a further supplement to his 'Birds of Australia.' A page of letter press accompanies each plate, describing the species figured, and giving a short sketch of its history. The many birds of gorgeous plumage inhabiting New Guinea and neighboring Islands—as the numerous species of Parrots, Birds of Paradise, and Fruit Pigeons—furnish wonderfully striking subjects for illustration. To say that the work is in Gould's well-known style sufficiently indicates the high character of this magnificent contribution to ornithology.—J. A. A.

  1. The Birds of New Guinea | and the adjacent Papuan Islands, | including any new species that may be discovered in Australia. By | John Gould, F. R. S., etc. Part [s] I-[-XXV]. | .... London, Dec. 1875-Dec. 1888.