Green Mountain Songster/Renaldine

Green Mountain Songster  (1823) 

"Oh love," she said, "I'm sore afraid
For the foeman's force and you
For they'll track you in the lowland plain
And all the valley through
My kinsman frowned when you are named
Oh, your life they would destroy
'Oh beware,' they said, 'Of Renaldine
On the mountains of Pomeroy.'"

"Fear not, fear not, my love," he cries
"For the foeman's force and me
For not change shall fall whate'er betide
On the arm that should be free.
Come leave your cruel kith and kin
And with your soldier flee
It's with my gun I will guard you
On the mountains of Pomeroy"

The morn has come, she arose and fled
From her cruel kin and home
And searched the wood all rosy red
And the tumbling torrent's foam
But the rain came down and the tempest roared
And did all around destroy
And a pale drowned bride met Renaldine
On the mountains of Pomeroy