Guide through Carlsbad and its environs/The Mineral Waters for Exportation


Although the waters from all the hot mineral springs are used for exportation, the cooler ones are best suited for this purpose, because they contain more carbonic acid gas, and consequently their water, put into bottles well corked, will keep its strength for several years. This water may be used preliminary to the visit to Carlsbad, or after the return from it; it may also be taken by people who are unable to visit Carlsbad, especially by transatlantic patients, and eventually it may be used as a trial in doubtful cases. It is either used cold, or better, each tumblerful is artificially warmed by putting it into hot water, and testing it with a glass thermometer till it has acquired the necessary temperature, that is about 40° R. (122° F.). This is the best way of raising the water to a proper and equal temperature.

To obtain the mineral water direct from Carlsbad, patients should apply to Herrn Lobel Schottländer, at the office for the exportation of the Carlsbad mineral waters. The prices are for cases containing 20 bottles of four tumblers each, 6 fl. or 12 Mk.=12 sh.; 30 bottles, 9 fl. or 18 Mk.=18 sh.; 50 bottles, 13 fl. or 26 Mk.=26 sh.