Hannewinkle v. Georgetown

Hannewinkle v. Georgetown by Ward Hunt
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United States Supreme Court

82 U.S. 547

Hannewinkle  v.  Georgetown

APPEAL from a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.

Hannewinkle filed his bill against the corporation of the city of Georgetown and its collector of taxes, to enjoin them from selling certain real estate for a tax claimed by the corporation under a certain act of Congress, which made part of the city charter. The bill alleged that the corporation attempted to condemn to public use, and open and improve Stoddard Street in that city; that the complainant owned certain premises described on that street; that a part of the premises were condemned to public use, and his damages assessed at $3139; that the same jury which thus assessed his damages, assessed him also for benefits to the residue of his property arising from the same improvements in the sum of $3425, and attempted to make the assessment a lien and charge on the said residue, by and for which the same could be sold. This the bill alleged was without authority of law and countrary to the act of Congress under which the city professed to act. The bill prayed that the defendants might be restrained from selling the property. An answer was put in. The cause was brought to a hearing upon an agreed state of facts, and the bill dismissed with costs. From this decree of dismissal the defendant now appealed to this court.

Mr. Samuel Tyler, for the appellant; Mr. W. A. Cook, contra.

Mr. Justice HUNT delivered the opinion of the court.


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