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Harper & Brothers began publishing Harper's New Monthly Magazine in 1850. The brothers also published Harper's Weekly (starting in 1857), Harper's Bazaar (starting in 1867), and Harper's Young People (starting in 1879).

Harper's New Monthly Magazine ultimately became Harper's Magazine, which is now published by the Harper's Magazine Foundation. Harper's Weekly was absorbed by The Independent (New York; later Boston) in 1916, which in turn merged with The Outlook in 1928. Harper's Bazar was sold to William Randolph Hearst in 1913 and is now Bazaar, published by the Hearst Corporation.—WP

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Date Title Commments
1864-07-02July 2, 1864 General Robert Edward Lee HW cover article
1872-01-02January, 1872 Holland and the Hollanders HNMM, by Junius Henri Browne
1872-02-13February 1872 Explosion of Gun-Cotton at Stowmarket HNMM
1872-02-26February 1872 Cure of Flatulence HNMM
1872-02-28February 1872 Acridine, a New Anthracene Derivative HNMM
1873-01-28January 1873 Christmas Throughout Christendom HNMM, by O. M. Spencer
1876-03-28March 1876 The Principalities of the Danube HNMM
1876-04-28April 1876 The Tulip Mania HNMM
1877June 1877 The Mohawk Valley During the Revolution HNMM, by Harold Frederic
1884-03-28March 1884 With Husky-Haughty Lips, O Sea! HNMM, by Walt Whitman
1884-09-01September 1884 A Run Ashore at Queenstown HNMM
1893-10-01October 1893 “Manifest Destiny” HNMM, by Carl Schurz
1897-11-01November 1897 Daniel Webster HNMM, by Carl Schurz
1898-03-01March 1898 Stirring Times in Austria HNMM, by Mark Twain
1899-09-01September 1899 Concerning the Jews HW, by Mark Twain
1899-12-28December 1899 The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg HNMM, by Mark Twain
1900-05-01May 1900 The Trial, Execution, and Burial of Homer Phelps HNMM, by Stephen Crane
1900-11-01November 1900 A Desertion HNMM, by Stephen Crane
1905-04-08April 8, 1905 A Humane Word from Satan HW, by Mark Twain
1906-05-26May 26, 1906 Carl Schurz, Pilot HW, by Mark Twain
1906-05-26May 26, 1906 Carl Schurz 1829-1906 HW, by W. D. Howells
1910-10-29October 29, 1910 Halloween Failure HW, by Carlyle Smith
1916-11-28November 1916 The War Prayer HNMM, by Mark Twain

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  • HNMM = Harper's New Monthly Magazine
  • HW = Harper's Weekly
  • HB = Harper's Bazaar

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  • Harper's Monthly Magazine 1910-04: Vol 120 Iss 719 (external scan)

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