Held to Answer (1916)
by Peter Clark MacFarlane
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Held to Answer

"Follow your star, John," Bessie declared stoutly. Frontispiece. See page 82.


Peter Clark MacFarlane
Author of "Those who Have Come Back," etc.

With illustrations by
W. B. King


Copyright, 1916,
By Little, Brown, and Company.

All rights reserved

Published, February, 1916
Reprinted, February, 1916

Presswork by
C. H. Simonds Co., Boston, U. S. A.


Chapter Page
I The Face That Did not Fit 1
II One Man and Another 12
III When the Dark Went Away 27
IV Advent and Adventure 37
V The Rate Clerk 54
VI On Two Fronts 64
VII The High Bid 76
VIII John Makes Up 88
IX A Demonstration from the Gallery 98
X A Stage Kiss 107
XI Seed to the Wind 113
XII A Thing Incalculable 127
XIII The Scene Played Out 134
XIV The Method of a Dream 145
XV The Catastrophe 154
XVI The King Still Lives 161
XVII When Dreams Come True 173
XVIII The House Divided 186
XIX His Next Adventure 202
XX A Woman with a Want 216
XXI A Cry of Distress 225
XXII Pursuit Begins 242
XXIII Capricious Woman 257
XXIV The Day of All Days 265
XXV His Bright Idea 281
XXVI Unexpectedly Easy 293
XXVII The First Alarm 307
XXVIII The Arrest 320
XXIX The Angel Advises 332
XXX The Scene in the Vault 341
XXXI A Misadventure 358
XXXII The Coward and His Conscience 366
XXXIII The Battle of the Headlines 378
XXXIV A Way That Women Have 391
XXXV On Preliminary Examination 400
XXXVI A Promise of Strength 430
XXXVII The Terms of Surrender 441
XXXVIII Sunday in All People's 463
XXXIX The Cup Too Full 472
XL The Elder in the Chair 491


"Follow your star, John," Bessie declared stoutly Frontispiece
He felt stricken, broken, overwhelmed page 26
A foolish quiver passed over him and shook him till he actually trembled page 46
"Don't speak to me, don't!" she commanded hoarsely page 184
"You nailed it up," rebutted John flatly page 194
"That man is innocent" page 509

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