Henry VI Part 1 (1918) Yale/Appendix D


The Text of the Present Edition

The text of the present volume is, by permission of the Oxford University Press, that of the Oxford Shakespeare, edited by the late W. J. Craig, except for the following deviations:

1. The stage directions are those of the original Folio edition, necessary additional words being inserted in square brackets.

2. The punctuation has been altered in many places, and the spelling normalized in the following instances: French place names in general (e.g., Champagne, Gisors, Poitiers, Bordeaux instead of Champaigne, Guysors, Poictiers, Bourdeaux); antic (antick), everywhere (every where), forfend (forefend), forgo (forego), immortaliz'd (immortalis'd), warlike (war-like).

3. The following alterations of the text have been made after collation with the Folio, readings of the present edition preceding and those of Craig following the colon. Except in the one case otherwise marked the changes all represent a return to the Folio text:

I. ii. 41 gimmors: gimmals

I. iv. 28 Call'd: Called

95 thee: thee, Nero

I. v. 16 hungry-starved: hunger-starved

I. vi. 22 of: or (F)

II. ii. 54 'tis: it is

II. iv. 6 th' error: the error

II. v. 71 Richard: King Richard

III. i. 25, 114 sovereign: sov'reign

198 lose: should lose

III. ii.28 Talbonites: Talbotites

III. iii. 76 wandering: wand'ring

IV. i. 138 wavering: wav'ring

IV. ii. 6 sovereign: sov'reign

IV. iii. 28 makes: make

IV. vii. 25 whether: whe'r

65 Verdon: Verdun

V. iii. 68 here: here thy prisoner

153 country: county

V. v. 39 lord: good lord

46 liberal: a liberal