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Suggestions for Collateral Reading

J. O. Halliwell: The First Sketches of the Second and Third Parts of King Henry the Sixth (i.e. The First Part of the Contention and The True Tragedy). London, Shakespeare Society, 1843.

A. W. Ward: Introduction to Henry VI in Renaissance Shakespeare, New York, 1907. (Reprinted in part in Collected Papers of Sir Adolphus William Ward, iii. 231–291, Cambridge, 1921.)

C. F. Tucker Brooke: The Authorship of the Second and Third Parts of King Henry the Sixth. New Haven, 1912.

K. H. Vickers: Humphrey Duke of Gloucester. London, 1907.

L. B. Radford: Henry Beaufort, Bishop, Chancellor, Cardinal. London, 1908.

Mabel E. Christie: Henry the Sixth. London, 1922.

H. S. Bennett: The Pastons and their England. Studies in an Age of Transition. Cambridge, 1922.

Alice D. Greenwood: Selections from the Paston Letters. London, 1920. (The standard complete edition of the Paston Letters is that of James Gairdner, new edition in four volumes, Edinburgh, 1910.)

Copiously annotated editions of the play have been prepared by W. J. Rolfe (New York, 1882) and by H. C. Hart (Arden Shakespeare, London, 1909). The edition in the Henry Irving Shakespeare, prepared by F. A. Marshall, also contains very full notes and a valuable introduction. That in the Bankside Shakespeare (New York, 1892) is useful because it presents on opposite pages the texts of The Second Part of Henry VI and of The First Part of the Contention.