The Text of the Present Edition

The text of the present volume is, by permission of the Oxford University Press, that of the Oxford Shakespeare, edited by the late W. J. Craig. Craig's text has been carefully collated with the Shakespeare Folio of 1623, and the following deviations have been introduced:

1. The stage directions of the Folio have been restored. Necessary words and directions, omitted by the Folio, are added within square brackets.

2. Punctuation and spelling have been normalized to accord with modern English practice; e.g., warlike, afoot, sunset, Saint Albans, Tewkesbury, Phaethon (instead of war-like, a-foot, sun-set. Saint Alban's, Tewksbury, Phæthon). The words murder, murther, murder'd, murther'd, burden, burthen, etc., have not been normalized, the actual form employed by the Folio being in each case retained.

3. The following changes of text have been introduced, usually in accordance with Folio authority. The readings of the present edition precede the colon, while Craig's readings follow it.

I. i. 11 dangerous F: dangerously

78 It was F: 'Twas

83 that is (that's F): and that's

ii. 38 to F: unto

iv. 25 makes F: make

116 vizard-like F: visor-like

150 passions F: passion

II. i. 55 Hews . . . fells F: Hew . . . fell

83 fires F: fire

84 burns F: burn

170 moe F: more

182 march F: march amain

v. 81 an hundred F: a hundred

87 kills F: kill

110 his F: a

124 S. d. Alarums F: Alarum

vi. 2 whiles F: while

6 melts F: melt

100 in F: on

III. i. 17 thou was F: thou wast

ii. 28 Nay, then, whip me F: Nay, whip me, then

141 keeps F: keep

195 farther F: further

IV. i. 9 brother of Clarence F: brother Clarence

17 shall F: you shall

ii. 3 comes F: come

iii. 28 here is F: here's

29 parted F: parted last

v. 21 shipp'd (shipt F): ship

V. iv. 34 If case F: In case

75 my eye F: mine eyes

v. 26 sorts F: sort

27 ye F: you

60 Tower F: The Tower

78 Richard, hard-favour'd Richard F: Hard-favour'd Richard

vi. 51 indigested and F: indigest

vii. 25 that shall (that shalt F): thou shalt

44 befits F: befit