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The Text of the Present Edition

By permission of the Oxford University Press, the text of this edition of Henry V is that of Craig's Oxford Shakespeare, with the following alterations:

1. The stage directions are those of the First Folio, with necessary additions indicated by brackets.

2. French passages throughout the play have in general been modernized.

3. A few changes have been made in punctuation (such as what, man for what man in II. iii. 19); and the spelling of the following words has been normalized: warlike, ooze, ordnance, antics, villainy, wrecked, lackey, embattl'd.

4. All other departures from Craig's text represent reversions to the reading of the First Folio. In the following list of such changes, the reading of the present edition stands first in the line: the reading of the Oxford Shakespeare follows the colon.

I. ii. 22 our: the

I. ii. 30 For: And

I. ii. 74 th' heir: heir

I. ii. 99 man: son

I. ii. 151 assays: essays

I. ii. 208 Come: Fly

II. Chor. 31 on, and we'll: on; and well

II. Chor. 32 distance; force: distance while we force

II. i. 75 Couple a gorge: Coupe le gorge

II. ii. 104 and: from

II. ii. 179, 180 give You patience: give you Patience

II. iv. 1 comes: come

II. iv. 57 mountain sire: mounting sire

II. iv. 75, 115 brother of: brother

III. i. 34 Harry, England, and: Harry! England and

III. ii. 50, 51 fire-shovel: I knew . . . coals. They: fire-shovel;—I knew . . . coals—they

III. ii. 69 yard: yards

III. ii. 79 beard: peard

III. ii. 120 call: calls

III. ii. 129 pay 't: pay it

III. ii. 145, 157 war: wars

III. v. 41 of Berri: Berri

III. vii. 15 chez: qui a

III. vii. 54 Nay, for: Ma foi,

IV. Chor. 28 O now: O! now

IV. Chor. 45 fear, that mean and gentle all: fear.—Then mean and gentle all,

IV. i. 35 Che vous la: Qui va là

IV. i. 47 from heart-string: from my heart-string

IV. i. 77 hear: heard

IV. i. 154 who: whom

IV. i. 260 idol: idle

IV. i. 312 Lord,: Lord!

IV. ii. 49 gimmal'd: gimmal

IV. iv. 4 Qualtitie calmie custure me: Quality? Calen O custure me!

IV. iv. 39 Owy: Ouy

IV. vi. 15 He cries aloud, 'Tarry, my: And cries aloud, 'Tarry, dear

IV. vii. 7 ha': have

IV. vii. 167 and: an

IV. viii. 10 world: 'orld

IV. viii. 37, 38 and will avouchment: and avouchments

IV. viii. 100 Great Master . . . Guichard . . . Dolphin: Great-master . . . Guischard . . . Dauphin

IV. viii. 101 Anthony: Antony

IV. viii. 130 And then: We'll then

V. i. 7 world: 'orld

V. i. 39 leek, you: leek you

V. i. 86 Doll: 'Nell

V. i. 90 cudgell'd: cudgelled

V. ii. 40 it: its

V. ii. 54 all: as

V. ii. 55 wildness.: wildness,

V. ii. 102 shall: sall

V. ii. 108 wat: vat

V. ii. 135 well: vell

V. ii. 186 wat: vat

V. ii. 266 shall: sall

V. ii. 269 shall: sall

V. ii. 283 wat: vat