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The Life of Henry the Fifth


ACTS:(not individually listed)




King Henry the Fifth

Duke of Gloucester, Brothers to the King
Duke of Bedford,
Duke of Clarence,

Duke of Exeter, Uncle to the King

Duke of York, Cousin to the King

Earls of Salisbury, Westmoreland, and Warwick

Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop of Ely

Earl of Cambridge

Lord Scroop of Masham

Sir Thomas Grey

Sir Thomas Erpingham, Gower, Fluellen, Macmorris, Jamy, Officers in King Henry's Army

Bates, Court, Williams, Soldiers in the Same

Pistol, Nym, Bardolph


A Herald


Charles the Sixth, King of France

Lewis, the Dauphin

Dukes of Burgundy, Orleans, and Bourbon

The Constable of France

Rambures and Grandpré, French Lords

Montjoy, a French Herald

Governor of Harfleur

Ambassadors to the King of England

Isabel, Queen of France

Katharine, Daughter to Charles and Isabel

Alice, a Lady attending on the Princess Katharine

Hostess of the Boar's Head Tavern, formerly Mistress Quickly, and now married to Pistol

Lords, Ladies, Officers, French and English Soldiers, Citizens, Messengers, and Attendants



Scene: England to the close of Act II. Sc. iii; afterwards France]