Highland plaid (2)/Go Where Glory Waits Thee

Highland plaid (2)  (1815-1825) 
Go Where Glory Waits Thee


Go where glory waits thee,
But while fame elates thee,
Oh! still remember me,
When the praise thou meetest,
To thine ear is sweetest,
Oh! then remember me,
Other arms may press thee,
Dearer friends caress thee,

All the joys that bless thee,
Sweeter far may be;
But when friends are nearest,
And when joys are dearest,
Oh! then remember me.

When at eve thou rovest,
By the star thou lovest,
Oh! then remember me.
Think when home returning,
Bright we've seen it burning.
Oh! then remember me.
Oft as summer closes,
When thine eye reposes,
On its ling’ring roses,
Once so lov'd by thee:
Think on her who wove them,
Her who made three love them,
Oh! then remember me.

When around thee dying,
Autumn leaves are lying,
Oh! then remember me,
And, at night, when gazing
On the gay hearth blazing,
Oh! then remember me.
Then should music stealing
All the soul of feeling,

To thy heart appealing,
Draw one tear from thee;
Then let memory bring thee,
Strains I us’d to sing thee,
Oh! then remember me.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.