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Highways and Byways in Sussex/The Highways and Byways Series

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Extra crown 8vo, cloth elegant, gilt tops, flat backs,
6s. each.
[In preparation.]

Highways and Byways in the Cotswolds.
By HERBERT A. EVANS. With Illustrations by FREDERICK

Highways and Byways in Sussex. By
E. V. LUCAS. With Illustrations by FREDERICK L.

Highways and Byways in South Wales.
By A. G. BRADLEY. With Illustrations by FREDERICK

THE TIMES.—"Graceful and attractive in tone and style; so well written, so vivid, so sympathetic in its appreciation of human character, so completely instinct with the love of nature and scenery. A book which may be described honestly as one of the best of its kind which has ever been published."

SPECTATOR.—"Mr. Bradley has certainly exalted the writing of a combined archæological and descriptive guide-book into a species of liteary art. The result is fascinating. Mr. Griggs is expert in several styles."

DAILY TELEGRAPH.—"Written with the same graceful facility and displaying the same historical research and scholarly accuracy. Can draw a landscape as well as tell a good story. The artist is completely successful."

Highways and Byways in London. By
Mrs. E. T. COOK. With Illustrations by HUGH THOMSON

GRAPHIC.—"Mrs. Cook is an admirable guide; she knows her London in and out; she is equally at home in writing of Mayfair and of City courts, and she has a wealth of knowledge relating to literally and historical associations. This, taken together with the fact that she is a writer who could not be dull if she tried, makes her book very delightful reading."

GLOBE.—"Of all the books which have been written about the metropolis—and their name is legion—this, we should think, is about the brighest and most readable."

Highways and Byways in Hertfordshire.
With Illustrations by FREDERICK L. GRIGGS.

MORNING POST.—"A welcome addition, especially for the country lovers of London, to the agreeable series in which it appears."

WESTMINSTER GAZETTE.—"A very charming book.... Will delight equally the artistic and the poetic, the historical and the antiquarian, the picturesque and the sentimental kinds of tourist.... In short, we think no combination of author and artist could be happier than this attractive book offers."

ST. JAMES'S GAZETTE.—"Cram full of interest and entertainment. The county is singularly rich in material for gossip and comment, and Mr. Thompkins has made a very charming book from it. Nothing more can well remain to be said, yet all that is said in these pages is to the point. ...A book to read and possess."

Highways and Byways in the Lake District
By A. G. BRADLEY. With Illustrations by

DAILY CHRONICLE.—"A book which every one who loves the Lakes, or intends to visit them in a quiet spirit, will like to read."

ST. JAMES'S GAZETTE.—"A notable edition—an engaging volume, packed with the best of all possible guidance for tourists. For the most part the artist's work is as exquisite as anything of the kind he has done."

DAILY TELEGRAPH.—"Mr. Bradley has done his work amazingly well. His heart has been in his subject. Mr Joseph Pennell has found abundant scope for his graceful art."

BLACK AND WHITE.—"The book is one which delights the man who knows his Lakes well. To the unhappy man who has not visited this wonder-land of England, it will be a scourge whose sting will not depart until he has made his pilgrimage."

Highways and Byways in East Anglia.
By WILLIAM A. DUTT. With Illustrations by JOSEPH

WORLD.—"Of all the fascinating volumes in the 'Highways and Byways' series, none is more pleasant to read.... Mr. Dutt, himself an East Anglican, writes most sympathetically and in picturesque style of the district."

PALL MALL GAZETTE.—"It is all splendid reading for those who know the country; it should persuade many to make a trip through it, and it will provide some fascinating hours even for those who will never see East Anglia, except in the excellent sketches with which these 'Highways and Byways' volumes are illustrated."

MORNING POST.—"A most entertaining book.... Beautifully illustrated."

Highways and Byways in North Wales.
By A. G. BRADLEY. With Illustrations by HUGH THOMSON

PALL MALL GAZETTE.—"To read this fine book makes us eager to visit every hill and every valley that Mr. Bradley describes with such tantalising enthusiasm. It is a work of inspiration, vivid, sparkling, and eloquent—a deep well of pleasure to every lover of Wales."

ST. JAMES'S GAZETTE.—"A worthy successor to Mr. A. H. Norway's 'Highways and Byways in Devon and Cornwall,' and like that delightful book, has the inestimable advantage of illustration by Mr. Joseph Pennell and Mr. Hugh Thompson—an ideal partnership."

DAILY CHRONICLE.—"The illustrations are supplied by Mr. Joseph Pennell and Mr. Hugh Thompson, and it would be very difficult to see how Messrs. Macmillan could improve so strong a combination of artistic talent.... This book will be invalueable to many a wanderer through the plains and mountains of North Wales."

STANDARD.—"Written with knowledge and humour.... Nothing but praise is due to the pictures of places, and humorous incidents of olden times, with which Mr. Joseph Pennell and Mr. Hugh Thomson have enlivened a welcome and artistic book."

Highways and Byways in Devon and
Cornwall. By ARTHUR H. NORWAY. With illustrations

DAILY CHRONICLE.—"So delightful that we would gladly fill columns with extracts were space as elastic as imagination.... The text is excellent; the illustrations of it are even better."

PALL MALL GAZETTE.—"Will be read with intense interest by every west-countryman from Axminster to the Land's End, and from Land's End to Lynton, for within this triangle lie the counties of Devon and Cornwall."

DAILY NEWS.—"It may be truly said that every landscape gains in beauty, that each old story finds new pathos under his skilful hands, and that he has touched nothing that he has not adorned".

TIMES.—"A happy mixture of description, gossip, and history, and an agreeable style, that would make the book welcome to all lovers of that exquisite region, even without the help of the illustrations by Mr. Joseph Pennell and Mr. Hugh Thomson, with which the book is so well furnished".

Highways and Byways in Yorkshire.
By ARTHUR H. NORWAY. With Illustrations by JOSEPH

PALL MALL GAZETTE.—"The wonderful story of Yorkshire's past provides Mr. Norway with a wealth of interesting material, which he has used judiciously and well; each grey ruin of castle and abbey he has re-erected and re-peopled in the most delightful way. A better guide and story teller it would be hard to find."

OBSERVER.—"The fourth volume of the most fascinating series of topographical books yet published. Bright descriptions and happy ancedotes are given by the author, and innumerable 'bits' of Yorkshire scenery by two of the best black-and-white landscape artists of the day go to make up a volume which deserves a cordial welcome."

DAILY NEWS.—"The reputation of Messrs. Macmillan's 'Highways and Byways' series is fully sustained in this interesting volume, in which pen and pencil so happily combine."

Highways and Byways in Donegal and
Antrim. By STEPHEN GWYNN. With illustrations by HUGH THOMSON.

DAILY CHRONICLE.—"Charming...Mr. Gwynn makes some of the old legends live again for us, he brings the peasants before us as they are, his descriptions have the 'tear and the smile' that so well suit the country, and scarcely an exception he has brought his facts and his figures up to date.... Above all, he shows that he knows the people; he enters into their minds in a way no Englishman could.... Most entertaining and admirably illustrated."

DAILY TELEGRAPH.—"A perfect book of its kind, on which author, artist, and publisher have lavished of their best."

Highways and Byways in Normandy. By
PERCY DEARMER, M.A. With Illustrations by

ST. JAMES'S GAZETTE.—"A charming book.... Mr. Dearmer is as arrestive in his way as Mr. Pennell. He has the true topographical eye. He handles legend and history in entertaining fashion....Excellently does he second Mr. Pennell's beautiful drawings, and makes hackneyed places on the 'Highways' and in Mont Saint-Michel, Rouen, Countances, and Caen, to shine forth with fresh significance and 'new-spangled ore.'"

ACADEMY.—"Between them Mr. Dearmer and Mr. Pennell have produced a book which need fear no rival in its own field for many a day."