Historical Tales and Anecdotes of the Time of the Early Khalifahs/El-Hajjaj and the Arab

AN Arab was once in presence of el-Hajjaj when a ^ ^ repast was brought in. And people ate thereof; and afterwards some sweet fruits were produced. And el-Hajjdj took no notice of the Arab until he had eaten one mouthful, but then exclaimed, "Whoever eats of the sweet fruits shall lose his head !" So all the people refused to eat any, and only the Arab was left. He looked once at el-Hajjij, and once at the sweet fruits, and then cried, "O Prince! I willingly leave thee the legacy of my children" — and plunged his hand into the dish. Then el-Hajjij laughed till he rolled over on the back of his head, and ordered the man a reward.