Historical Tales and Anecdotes of the Time of the Early Khalifahs/How 'Urwah-ibn-Udzlnah gained a Livelihood


T T is said that 'Urwah-ibn-Udzinah* presented him- -*• self before Hishim-ibn-'Abd-el-Mdlik, complain- ing of poverty. Hisham asked, " Was it not .thou who saidst,

' Verily I have discovered (tho* extravagance is not one of my qualities) That my subsistence will come of itself to me. I strive for it, and the pursuit of it wearies me, But I sit down, and without my pains it comes to me.'

And hast thou now come from el-Hij4z to Syria to seek a livelihood } "

He made answer, " O Commander of the Faithful ! thou hast been exhorted and informed." Then he went out, and mounted his dromedary, and returned to el-Hijiz.

  • Abu-*A^Unir 'Urwah-ibn-Udz!nah, a man eminent for his

learning and piety, was a member of the tribe of Laith, and a celebrated poet and traditionist He died a.h. i\& <^k^\^. l*^*

254 *lLAiSt'EN'NAs.

And when night came, HishSm was resting on his

bed, and he thought of 'Urwah, and said, " He is one

of the Kuraish, and he spoke wisely ; he came to me,

and I dismissed him disappointed/' So as soon as

daylight appeared, he sent him a thousand dindrs.

And the messenger knocked at the door of 'Urwah's house in d-Medinah, and gave him the money. TTien said *Urwah, ** Salute the Commander of the Faith- ful from me, and say to him, ' What thinkest thou now of my words ? I worked hard, but found barren soil. When I returned home unsuccessful, and sat down in my house, my livelihood came of itself to me in my dwelling..' "