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History of Iowa From the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century/4/Henry Sabin

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[Henry Sabin]

HENRY SABIN, educator, was born at Pomfret, Connecticut, on the 23d of October, 1829. He entered Amherst College, graduating in 1852. Coming to Iowa in 1871 Mr. Sabin located at Clinton and has been engaged in educational work nearly all of his mature life. He was for a long time superintendent of public schools and an active and influential member of the State Teachers' Association. In 1887 he was nominated on the Republican ticket for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and elected, serving until 1892. In 1893 he was again elected to the same position and reëlected at the end of the term for another period of two years, retiring in 1898. He has been a frequent contributor to educational publications, is a member of the National Educational Association, was president of the Department of Superintendence in 1895 and chairman of the committee of twelve on rural schools from 1895 to 1897. Mr. Sabin has long been one of the most influential workers for the advancement of education through the public school system, in the State. In 1900 he published a book of two hundred eighty-two pages on “The Making of Iowa,” for use in the public schools.